Persistent, Consistent, Discipline – Win!

This morning as I was writing in my journal (I have been journaling since about a week or so before my son was born — though before that I wrote in the same series of journals for a few years in high school and college and took a long break…)

I wrote about how I have been trying to write more — not write more journal, mind you, but write more fiction and non-fiction. This sentence came out of my mind and onto the page.

Daily discipline applied with urgency and consistency wins over occasional great effort

Think about it — it’s the lesson from the fable of the hare and the turtle who race. The hare gets a great start while the turtle is plodding along — but as soon as the hare decides to go to sleep, the turtle’s dedication and consistent forward motion gets him there.

Are you trying to get more fit? (Contact me — gordond @ gmail — I actually enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals.) Who is going to get more fit — the person who works out once a month for five hours, or the person who works out every day for twenty minutes? The once a month person will tire themselves out and any success will slowly atrophy until the next time. The twenty minute person will go from strength to strength.

I promised myself (and I don’t mind sharing this with you) that I am trying to write at least one hundred words a day — I meant fiction, really. I am working on a monthly / weekly e-mail that will have new fiction from me. If you would be interested in such a thing please send me a note — gordond @ gmail.

Daily discipline. If you want to get it done, it can’t just be whenever you feel like it. Novels don’t get written by the author sitting down only when ‘inspiration’ strikes — the chair must be occupied and words must be written.

Don’t be the thing getting in the way of your success. Start now and push forward!

Twenty-Two years after a White Bronco captivated America

Another year has passed since the last anniversary of the white Bronco chase that interrupted my father and I trying to watch the Knicks play the Lakers.

Time seems shorter when you’re further away. Only about two years passed between the Rodney King verdict and OJ fleeing in that Bronco.

How many Rodney King verdicts have there been since then?

When will the injustice end?

A Winner is Crowned – Season Finale, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight

My wife is at the live season finale of RuPaul’s Drag race so she gets to see this in person.

The winner of this season is : Bob the Drag Queen! As I said it would be a few weeks ago!

Here is a photo my wife took from the live season finale :

Walk into the world purse first, as Bob the Drag Queen says! That concludes this year’s season of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Revenge of the Fifth – Having Children on Opposing Sides of The Force

As I noted last year, our son Chaim loves Star Wars — but in particular, he really loves the ‘bad guys’ — so even before we sat down in the theater with my father to watch the new Star Wars film, he absolutely adored Kylo Ren. By the way, the image of the pajamas in that article from last year? I randomly searched for Darth Vader Pajamas and used that image. The night that I published the article, I went home from my office and found Chaim wearing those pajamas — my wife bought them for him and had no idea I was writing about it! Anyhow — our then one and a half year old daughter Malka, who was not there (we will not take such a young child to a movie theater because that just about never ends well) had other ideas, even though she was not able to communicate them with words.

Malka loves BB-8.

In case you didn’t know who that is (Where have you been for the last year or so?), BB-8 is an important droid character in the new film, important because BB-8 is carrying a map that shows where Luke Skywalker is hiding (Spoiler, so I hid it under black – highlight it to show the text.) and in addition, is just a funny character — comic relief, really.

Interestingly, Chaim is also fond of BB-8 — but if he had a choice in the matter, he would go for Kylo Ren every time. You may be wondering, if Malka can’t yet talk, how do we know that she loves BB-8? Well, you don’t need to be able to speak to show excitement. Just about every time she sees BB-8, she gasps with excitement and smiles and makes happy sounding noises, sometimes even clapping and putting her hands together and holding them by her face with glee.

We got Chaim one of those Sphero BB-8 robots — you can get one here (disclaimer — affiliate link but also an excellent price) from Amazon. Guess who keeps chasing it around when Chaim is just trying to play with it and warn the rebels about Kylo Ren? Malka!

Malka loves everything BB-8, from the plush we finally had to get her because she kept trying to steal the Sphero to the boys shirt (their label, not mine) that we got her with a large BB-8 prominently featured. Chaim? Still a Kylo Ren fan to the end, to the extent that after Halloween was over and sales began we got him a Kylo Ren costume (sized a couple of sizes bigger so it will last him awhile longer.)

The force is strong with these kids.

The Final Four — RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Nine

Everyone is proud to be in the top four. Everyone also wants to be in the top three but as we know that cannot BE.

Jayson Whitmore is introduced, who will be helping them participate in the musical video for The Realness, an awesome song of course. Apparently the queen that is eliminated will also NOT be in the final video for The Realness.

Much of the shooting for the video appears to be in a wind tunnel. Well, the first part of it anyhow. Bob opens the second part and is asked to step it up to a 10 from the five where she is. I can’t stop noticing how many tats Jayson has on only one arm. Chi Chi struggles to dance in a gown and admits she hasn’t ever done it before. At this point her I don’t see her making it to the top three but I couldn’t see Kim Chi making it this far and I was wrong!

Bianca makes a funny cameo.

After the shooting wraps, everyone prepares for the final runway presentation and talks about how they don’t want to go home. Well, who would?

Bob comes out wearing what looks like a sequined tuxedo with killer stilettos. Chi Chi wears an elegant pink gown. Kim Chi looks like she’s going to a party out of Eyes Wide Shut crossed with perhaps a raven. Naomi Smalls (one of my early favorites from when I did her profile) looks awesome in a suit.

RuPaul asks them all to talk to their children selves and shows photos of them as children. Kim Chi gets the most emotional talking to the young version, reminding young Kim Chi that it gets better and she won’t feel lonely. Well, someone had to get super emotional, right?

Everyone is asked why they should be America’s Next Drag Superstar – Bob I think gave the best answer — about being the best and giving back to the drag community. I did also admire Naomi’s answer about being successful being herself no matter what she did.

The judges deliberate, and everyone must first lip sync for their lives. The song is naturally The Realness.


FINAL THREE : Bob the Drag Queen, Naomi Smalls, Kim Chi. Wow. I still think Bob’s going to take it.

Everyone Loves Puppets and Autobiographical Books — RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Eight

Everyone gets puppets of each other and gets twenty minutes to drag them up. They use the opportunity to tease each other, naturally. The winner of the challenge ends up being Chi Chi Devayne which is interesting because a bit of, shall we say, blackface is used if I am not mistaken.

The main challenge is split into three different stages, some autobiographical. Baby drag, mama drag, and eleganza extravaganza (Only one of those last two words are real.) In the third challenge they are to use books to make an outfit.

We get an emotional story from Bob the Drag queen about his mother being ill with a chronic illness (see last week where I state emphatically that Bob will take the crown) and a tear fell up out of our collective eyes. You?

Naomi Smalls reveals that he grew up with quite a few biological siblings as well as adopted siblings.

It is Ruvealed that both Amy and David Sedaris will be there (I love them both!) and they will be doing a challenge based on Strangers with Candy, specifically the character Jerry Blank (as played by Amy) and since Chi Chi won the mini challenge, she leads the choreography.

The Jerry Blank segment is great, and I think Bob did best.

First everyone dresses as they did when they were babies, and then they dress up as their mothers did. Derrick definitely improved the most over last week. Lastly, there is the autobiographical section where everyone is wearing books — literally! Interestingly, Derrick got the most critique from everyone in this episode. Chi Chi, on the other hand, got plenty of love.

Chi Chi is said to have shredded the runway and is safe. Kim Chi, considered the best (certainly at the biographical part) wins the challenge. Naomi Smalls is safe, leaving Bob and Derrick. OH SNAP. Am I about to be wrong about who is going to win?

Derrick says she’s going to take Bob down. As it turns out… Derrick went home. Looks like I was safe this week!

On the Devastating Loss of Prince

This just isn’t how it was meant to happen.

With the (seemingly) great number of celebrity and musician deaths this year (David Bowie – Alan Rickman – Tony Warren – etc.) I was recently thinking about Prince and what a relief it was that he was only fifty-seven years old. Then like a ton of bricks, a comment from my coworker came my way — that Prince had passed away.

My fandom with Prince has had its ups and downs over the years. I had to laugh a little when he said a number of years ago that he wasn’t interested in distributing music via the internet because the internet was just a fad — and proceeded to give out his new album free with purchase of an English newspaper.

I was thrilled to see that his newest album was available for streaming via the Tidal music service (a service for which I pay five dollars thanks to a deal with Third Man Records.)

Prince was so incredibly prolific and I saw him continuing to be so for at least another thirty years. This feels like it happened too. soon. Just too soon.

For a variety of reasons I never got to see him in concert and now I never will. I am grateful for the plethora of music that he made for us. Prince lived for his music — you can hear it in every note that he played, and you can see the passion in his heart when you watch video recordings.

Never mind the pouring rain, there was Prince in all his glory playing the regal hit Purple Rain.

Prince is one of the reasons I write and record songs that will likely never be heard by anyone (my own insecurities, I suppose.) Prince for me is like a guiding spirit angel — when things get weird in my life I can always imagine him there, saying “You can DO this thing, child!”

He has a permanent place in our hearts.