Roxxxy Andrews Tried Stealing the Crown with Crocodile Tears

I rarely if ever watch so-called reality television because so much of it is a complete fabrication. The one rare exception to this is the competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race, which pits a number of drag queens against each other in an effort to find out who will be that year’s drag superstar. Elizabeth and I come back to the show year after year for its great designs, the humor, and of course to hear Ru say “Oooh, gurrrl! You’ve got she-mail” in every episode.

Pretending to Cry

At the end of the day, however, it is an elimination based competition and that means that someone gets sent home every week — like in every other show like it. It wouldn’t be Survivor if people stayed on every week, right? If someone was the worst chef on Hell’s Kitchen and stayed on regardless, that would not be good.

So too on Drag Race. Every episode, two Queens get ranked in the bottom two and have to perform in something called “Lip Synch for Your Life,” in which both must lip synch to a song and prove their worth. One gets to stay and the other must go home – that’s how it should work.

In episode seven of this season, Roxxxy Andrews and Alyssa Edwards were in the bottom two. They lip synced for their life and both did a fine job, but Alyssa was far superior in every way. She brought her A game, while Roxxxy could have used a bit of improvement to reach that level.

Elimination time. It is time for RuPaul to announce the results when suddenly, Roxxxy chokes up in tears. She starts talking about what a hard life she has had. RuPaul cries as well and tells her that they are there for her and are family. At this point, RuPaul declares that both shall stay.

Roxxxy Crying

From here, Roxxy goes on to win her way into the final three and could have been crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar. I am grateful beyond words that the crown ultimately went to Jinkx Monsoon as she was the superior competitor.

When you are in an elimination competition like RuPaul’s Drag Race, you make it to the end through talent, determination, and the ability to best your competition week after week. It has nothing to do with sad stories of your mother abandoning you, unfortunate and moving as they may be. That should not be the thing to push you forward in the competition. Were you better than the other person? If yes, stay. If not, goodbye and fare well! I hope to never see this kind of emotional blackmail and exploitation on Drag Race again.

photo credit: v i p e z via photopin cc


16 thoughts on “Roxxxy Andrews Tried Stealing the Crown with Crocodile Tears

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  7. I agree totally and thought Roxxy should have gone home also considering her lip sync was bad covered up by the constant hair swinging which I found was a seeming cover for her bad lip sync. she didn’t dance just swinging hair around and around, big deal. glad she didn’t win but sad she made it so far. She should have gone out but as much as I love this series, they seem to keep a ‘bitch’ queen on I believe to keep the show lively and Roxxy was a bitch queen.

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    • Thanks so much! It’s funny — I wrote this article two and a half years ago and it has blown up in the last month — mind you, I get clicks on it at least every couple of days but traffic has gone through the roof so to speak — more in the last month than I did all of last year!

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  10. Exactly. I’ve always said that Roxxxy did that shit to save her ass. What the hell did ANYTHING that was going on at the moment have to do with her being abandoned by her mother as a child? Was it a challenge that had to do with making over your new drag mom? No. Was it even a song that was kind of heartfelt, maybe a big nostalgic? No, it was fuckin “Whip My Hair”! And THATS ALL Roxxxy did during the lip synch! Whip her hair around like a headbanger at a concert while writhing on the floor like she was a stripper in a hair band video. Alyssa SLAYED her in that lip synch. So what does she do? She starts crying and tells her story, and honestly when Ru has given second chances before for things not nearly so emotional, etc., she manipulated the FUCK out of Ru in order to stay. Cause what is Ru gonna do? “You poor thing! Your mother abandoned you at a bus stop when you were three years old? No one cared or wanted you as a young gay child? That’s terrible…. Don’t you worry Roxxxy, WE love you!!! That said… Go the fuck home, you fierce bitch!” Never gonna happen, not with the whole benevolent Mama Ru thing the editors are always putting forth (& don’t get me wrong, I KNOW Rupaul loves her queens and I’m NOT saying her Mama Ru thing is an act, I’m just saying the show makers put that out there 100 % & Roxxxy took advantage of that whole thing!).

    Then she goes on the the top three, despite being the biggest cunt ever to Jinkx, who has done nothing to her but be nice, Roxxxy showing several shades of Phi Phi O’Hara cruelty and nonsense. My thoughts on the whole thing are this: Roxxxy should have been shown the same level of compassion that Roxxxy herself showed to Jinkx… Little to none bc you reap what you fuckin sow.

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