RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Episode Two – Phoebe and a Disappointing Elimination

So first things first — the queen that was shown popping out at the end of the first episode and which elicited shocked reactions from a few of the people turned out to be… and I’m going to cover this with a spoiler cover because no matter when I post this someone will get mad at me for posting it before they saw it somehow… Cynthia Lee Fontaine of ‘cucu’ fame – funnily the highlight of the episode turned out to be seeing Lisa Kudrow, whom RuPaul showed off explaining that he ran into her at the parking lot. Seems like something that could happen! Also apparently he got his entrance phrase “Hello, hello, hello!” right from Lisa’s character in the HBO program The Comeback, which was on in 2005 and then waited about a decade before it made its own comeback.

So this week was all about cheerleading, perhaps hinted by VH1 airing the film Bring It On before the episode. My wife insists I have seen this film, I do not have any specific memory of spending any time doing so.

The queens were split into two teams and had to perform as, well, cheerleaders! I actually thought everyone did a fairly smashing good job.

Everyone was dressed up in white for the runway, and at the end of the night Jaymes Manfield and Kimora were up for elimination, having to perform — and even though I thought Jaymes did a better job, she was the one that got sent packing. So it goes. On the plus side, she didn’t say anything about her cucu.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Episode One – Lady Gaga, No Eliminations, and a Bonus Mystery Addition

I suppose the first spectacularly interesting thing about this episode that bears mentioning is the fact that it was made clear right away that there would be no eliminations in the episode whatsoever. Then there was, at the episode’s end, the sudden mysterious addition of a fourteenth contestant to this season — so not only did we end up eliminating nary a queen, but one was added — it was a bit like watching an average episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race in reverse.

And then, of course… Lady Gaga.


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The entire episode was Gaga themed though the contestants also had an opportunity to show off their home towns as it were. I really enjoyed more seeing the queens recreate classic Gaga looks. My six year old son even recognized some of them, having been a fan of Lady Gaga for most of his life. Both of my kids really love to dance.

I don’t have too much more to offer that hasn’t been said already. Having to wait until Saturday night to watch RPDR is killer and the switch to VH1 seems strange but my wife observed that the stage and the judge’s table definitely look… upgraded. A bit like after South Park really got successful and The Daily Show got upgraded as well, so to speak!

Aja : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Profile

This year on RuPaul’s Drag Race there are four, count them, four different queens from New York (where I presently live) and one of them is the inimitable Aja, who calls her style of performance “Powerpuff Girl Stripper” and was named Ms. Williamsburg in 2014.

Furry monsters 💖 Photo by @ericrichardmagnussen HAIR by @queenlmnop

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Feeling very kill v maim 😈 Bodysuit by @bcallabcalla Hair from @ardawigs Styled by @queenlmnop

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While doing the research for this profile I was surprised that I already had come across Aja’s name in passing… last year, when Season Eight was wrapping up, as you can see here in this conversation with Thorgy Thor.

Will Aja come out on top? Will it be another New York win this year?

Naysha Lopez: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Profile

For the next couple of weeks I hope to profile most if not all of the queens who are competing on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will profile them in no particular order.

I’ve changed how I title these profiles because of the way WordPress shows titles in Stats view — every single entry looked the same because it was cutting off the last few words (darn my precise titling habits!)

Naysha Lopez calls Chicago home (“The night Chicago died…” anyone?) and currently works at The Continental Pageantry System, according to her Facebook page.

Curiously, I found a listed LinkedIn profile, but I am quite sure it is an entirely different person named Naysha Lopez, rather unusual in the world of Drag.

I didn’t find much press on Naysha — but plenty of video to go around!

Here is an interview with both Naysha as well as Kim Chi, another Chicago native.

Was it easier or harder knowing each other going into the competition?

NL: I think any time you enter foreign ground, so to speak, and you find yourself with someone you know you find a level of comfort, so I would say it made it easier going into the competition knowing each other

KC: It didn’t make a difference to me on who was going to be at the competition because I’m here to represent my own individuality and showcase my work.

If all goes well, my wife will be going to a premiere party tonight hosted by Logo and tomorrow there will be photos a-plenty. Also tomorrow : Thorgy Thor! (Love that name!)

Violet Chachki Bites The Hand That Feeds Her

My wife and I don’t usually watch RuPaul’s Drag Race until Tuesday night, thanks to the kooky television schedule that we keep and of course the fact that we put taking care of our children as a higher priority than anything else that is to be done in the home. That being the case, I was rather surprised when my best friend Chad tagged me on Tuesday afternoon with something stating that Violet Chachki had angrily stated on Monday’s episode, “I hate Michelle Visage.” To say the least my immediate reaction was disbelief — was it some kind of joke?

In fact, it was not. It all came out within minutes of the start of the episode, which we watched last night. Violet was condragulated on her win in the previous episode, and her response was of course humble gratitude. No, that is what it should have been. Rather, her sole response was “I hate Michelle Visage.” Was this some kind of attempt to get attention? Based on the hundreds of tweets in response as well as the fact that the bulk of this article is about the subject, I would say that if so it was quite successful. That most likely being the case, I have to say that it is quite disappointing — after the excellent performance last week to just go and be rude about one of the judges on the show. Why? Because they made a remark that could be construed as being hurtful? How so? The sole job of the judge is to take apart a performance and to assert what went right as well as what went wrong. I hope that she has no intention on hating every judge that slights her this season.

The episode itself featured the queens doing a promotion for Glamazonian Airways, and doing a song and dance number for it. The winner of the episode was surprisingly and impressively Ginger Minj, who downplayed her own ability to perform — modest?

The elimination round was down to Katya and Sasha Belle and they had to lip-synch to an Olivia Newton John classic, which was great because she was a guest judge. It became immediately apparent who was going to be eliminated after Katya emphatically stated that she was “trying to pound my vagina into the stage so hard that the building shakes.” Indeed — and the jumping split she did put the nail in Sasha’s performance coffin.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Let the judges do their job without complaining about it. You never know when your own words will come back to haunt you.