The Focus T25 Review Part 1

For quite a long time I have been in a sort of panic, trying to find the right workout for me to be able to do in the morning. Morning seems like the best time for me to work out because when I get home from the office, it is usually close to six and I then take over most parenting duties including making dinner, bathing, and preparing for bed my two and a half year old son Chaim Yosef. After all of this is done it is half past nine and my wife and I want to watch a couple of television programs (Degrassi is coming back TOMORROW!) and then go to bed. I did not want to have to wake too early to do a forty five minute let alone hour long workout, and the different shorter workouts that I was doing seemed to want equipment that I did not have. The other ones just didn’t seem to be doing anything for me, or got to be extremely tedious and made me want to quit after a couple of weeks.

A couple of months ago I received notice that the mastermind behind the most intense workout on DVD (Insanity) had made a workout program for people like me, who don’t have all that much time during the day to workout. Called Focus T25, each workout is exactly twenty five minutes long — perfect! The day that it was available for ordering, I did so, and about a week later it was in my hot little hands, ready for me to use.

The program is split up into three parts, and the basic package comes with two of them — alpha and gamma. Each part lasts five weeks, and I am currently in the second week. Every day there is a different workout which focuses on different parts of the body. My morning routine is now as follows — I wake up, make and drink my lemon juice water mixture and then consult with the calendar to see which workout I am to do that day.

I then start the workout, and look at the countdown clock every few minutes to see how it is going. Without fail, I am almost always thinking at the onset of the workout that I may not be able to make it through to the end but I always tell myself that I have to try at least a few minutes. At the end of that time I tell myself that a couple more minutes won’t be too bad. I soon realize that I am going to make it through after all and when Shaun T tells me that it is TIME and that we can do the cooldown, I am invariably covered in sweat and happy to have made it.

I am writing this as the first part of the review as I am only one week in. In about a month I hope to write an updated review with a progress picture, so you can see how well the workout is doing for my shape.


3 thoughts on “The Focus T25 Review Part 1

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