RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season Three Episode Three – The Pitchiest Bitchelor

Jeffrey Bower-Chapman — to be honest, before tonight I had never so much as heard the name. After tonight, he may well have a new follower! It’s entirely possible that I may not have been the best person to appreciate this episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars as I have honestly never seen an episode of the actual Bachelor.

The queens all got dolled up and showed up at a lovely mansion and they all tried to win over Jeffrey B. Chapman. I’m sure there were a lot of references to The Bachelor but I honestly didn’t really get them other than at the end for the ‘giving of the eggplant’ ceremony which parallels with the giving of the rose on The Bachelor. Who got the eggplant? Why, it was Mama Ru! I suppose since it was meant as a parody of The Bachelor, it wasn’t going to have real results.

The main stage competition category was a confusingly named (but immediately understandable) “Wig on Wig on Wig” which made sense when the queens started coming out and taking off wigs to reveal wigs underneath. I was reminded of a Doctor Seuss book — The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.

I was enamored with all of the different combinations of wigs that were taken off to ruveal other wigs. Aja particularly stuck out to me because I have long been a fan of anime. Kennedy Davenport and BendelaCreme were named the top two, who were to lip sync for their legacy.

The bottom two were a bit more shocking to me : Milk, Aja, and Chichi. What was not shocking was that Milk was the one that got eliminated. Good riddance, I say.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Episode Two – Phoebe and a Disappointing Elimination

So first things first — the queen that was shown popping out at the end of the first episode and which elicited shocked reactions from a few of the people turned out to be… and I’m going to cover this with a spoiler cover because no matter when I post this someone will get mad at me for posting it before they saw it somehow… Cynthia Lee Fontaine of ‘cucu’ fame – funnily the highlight of the episode turned out to be seeing Lisa Kudrow, whom RuPaul showed off explaining that he ran into her at the parking lot. Seems like something that could happen! Also apparently he got his entrance phrase “Hello, hello, hello!” right from Lisa’s character in the HBO program The Comeback, which was on in 2005 and then waited about a decade before it made its own comeback.

So this week was all about cheerleading, perhaps hinted by VH1 airing the film Bring It On before the episode. My wife insists I have seen this film, I do not have any specific memory of spending any time doing so.

The queens were split into two teams and had to perform as, well, cheerleaders! I actually thought everyone did a fairly smashing good job.

Everyone was dressed up in white for the runway, and at the end of the night Jaymes Manfield and Kimora were up for elimination, having to perform — and even though I thought Jaymes did a better job, she was the one that got sent packing. So it goes. On the plus side, she didn’t say anything about her cucu.

Eureka O’Hara : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Profile

Of all the drag queens I have seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Eureka O’Hara has got to be one of the most mathematically named. (Get it?) She also has the biggest selection of things in a shop

Eureka is all of twenty-six years old and hails from Tennessee. I wonder how long it will be before someone tells her that she’s the only ten they see. (Am I dating myself?)

Amazingly, Eureka was with a friend and got hit by a drunk driver — how cars don’t all come with built in technology to prevent drunk drivers from driving is beyond me — but thankfully she walked away without a scratch

She recently was with her mother in the hospital — send your love to her family!

Eureka is hardly new to the drag scene, having won accolades including Miss Tennessee International in 2010 among other honors

Enjoy a video from a few years ago :

The season nine premiere is a week from today and has moved to VH1. No sign that they are going to do any Behind the Drag specials. (Have I dated myself enough?

Charlie Hides : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Profile

Charlie Hides — the name conjures many images in my mind but the most prominent one is of someone who is, well… hiding! Some people who see a drag queen see a person who is hiding, disguising who they really are. Of course on the surface this makes sense — out of drag they look entirely different. But is it really the case?

I read an interview with Charlie and loved this line :

I’m inspired by lots of things, music, art, comedy, design… you name it. I love old movies, coffee table art books, second hand shops and the latest couture collections, current pop music and rock classics. Creating makes me happy, the process that begins with having an idea then working till it becomes real makes me happy.

If you know anything about me it’s that creating makes me happy. (I wrote a novella called Kate, did you know?)

I look forward to seeing how Charlie will do this season!

Aja : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Profile

This year on RuPaul’s Drag Race there are four, count them, four different queens from New York (where I presently live) and one of them is the inimitable Aja, who calls her style of performance “Powerpuff Girl Stripper” and was named Ms. Williamsburg in 2014.

Furry monsters 💖 Photo by @ericrichardmagnussen HAIR by @queenlmnop

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While doing the research for this profile I was surprised that I already had come across Aja’s name in passing… last year, when Season Eight was wrapping up, as you can see here in this conversation with Thorgy Thor.

Will Aja come out on top? Will it be another New York win this year?

Everyone Loves Puppets and Autobiographical Books — RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Eight

Everyone gets puppets of each other and gets twenty minutes to drag them up. They use the opportunity to tease each other, naturally. The winner of the challenge ends up being Chi Chi Devayne which is interesting because a bit of, shall we say, blackface is used if I am not mistaken.

The main challenge is split into three different stages, some autobiographical. Baby drag, mama drag, and eleganza extravaganza (Only one of those last two words are real.) In the third challenge they are to use books to make an outfit.

We get an emotional story from Bob the Drag queen about his mother being ill with a chronic illness (see last week where I state emphatically that Bob will take the crown) and a tear fell up out of our collective eyes. You?

Naomi Smalls reveals that he grew up with quite a few biological siblings as well as adopted siblings.

It is Ruvealed that both Amy and David Sedaris will be there (I love them both!) and they will be doing a challenge based on Strangers with Candy, specifically the character Jerry Blank (as played by Amy) and since Chi Chi won the mini challenge, she leads the choreography.

The Jerry Blank segment is great, and I think Bob did best.

First everyone dresses as they did when they were babies, and then they dress up as their mothers did. Derrick definitely improved the most over last week. Lastly, there is the autobiographical section where everyone is wearing books — literally! Interestingly, Derrick got the most critique from everyone in this episode. Chi Chi, on the other hand, got plenty of love.

Chi Chi is said to have shredded the runway and is safe. Kim Chi, considered the best (certainly at the biographical part) wins the challenge. Naomi Smalls is safe, leaving Bob and Derrick. OH SNAP. Am I about to be wrong about who is going to win?

Derrick says she’s going to take Bob down. As it turns out… Derrick went home. Looks like I was safe this week!

Reading is Fundamental and the Yellow Brick Road— RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Six

There was first a mini-challenge in which each queen had to ‘read’ the others — that is to say, to thoroughly give them a verbal beat down. Bob the Drag Queen was chosen by an editor of Entertainment Weekly.

The maxi-challenge was to make a partnership between each of the queens and a member of Lifetime’s Little Women of L.A. in which they are to be made over inspired by the film The Wizard of OZ — well, perhaps the books as well?

Naomi Smalls is excited to do some designing. Robbie Turner on the other hand seems a bit, well, nervous. Bob says that he is worried about doing badly — because when someone does well, the other competitors want that person to fail more?

RuPaul announces that everyone’s going to have to do an interpretive dance in a poppy field. This makes some nervous. Bob runs out of time in preparing and suddenly has fewer than fifteen minutes to throw on her face. She does an amazing job. Naomi Smalls, who was criticized for under-dressing in previous challenges, looks fantastic. Robbie Turner comes out looking quite a queen! Thorgy Thor has a bit of an Oompa Loompa look, if I may say so. Kim Chi does the Wicked Witch look.

Next comes the dream sequence with the interpretive dance, and we are served with a montage because who doesn’t love a montage? After the dances, the judges do their reading and then the queens are asked to choose the worst of the competitors and it was a bit of a split between Chi Chi and Derrick.

Naomi Smalls was chosen as the winner of the challenge, as she should have — extra hard work this week, I think. Bob the Drag Queen though not having done great this week, was safe. Derrick, on the other hand, was put up for elimination — as was Robbie Turner. (I thought it was going to be Chi Chi, to be honest!)

Before watching the lip sync challenge, I didn’t think Derrick had a chance. The song was an Icona Pop song, and Derrick seemed to be doing more with the song so to speak. It’s not my choice who ultimately goes home, though — it’s RuPaul. In this case, RuPaul’s choice and mine matched as she stayed (with an emotional tear-filled walk back stage…) and Robbie Turner was sent home.