RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Episode Six – DragCon

The episode starts with a mini challenge about sitting on things and figuring out what is being sat upon. I’m quite sure a clip from this will be on The Soup The Joel McHale Show starring Joel McHale.

Queens are split into groups of queens that will represent different aspects of drag including wigs, body, and makeup. I was amused to find out that young Blair St. Clair works with a theater group (making wigs) and RuPaul made a joke about her extreme youth.

Kameron talks about the struggles with doing drag as a body builder. Monet admits her parents don’t even know about doing drag.

The guest judges are Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon, who made the brilliant film The Big Sick.

The body panel talks about just that. Kameron talks about using padding in different places. Monet says she’s a big booty Judy (my mother in law loves saying that) and finally Eureka talks about being made fun of for being big yet using padding to proportionize. They take questions from the audience. Well, one – about the importance of doing drag in today’s political climate.

In the makeup panel, Aquaria talks about how liberal her parents were and teaching herself to apply makeup. Monique says she learned how to do makeup through drag. A person asks for makeup tips and they say to experiment and see what works. Monique shows off some techniques on a pit crew member. Aquaria and Asia then show techniques on themselves including blowdrying your lashes and applying glitter properly.

Blair St. Clair, The Vixen, and Miz Cracker do a wig panel that starts off a bit… underwhelming, based on the audience reaction, but then picks up. I keep being amazed how Blair St. Clair puts on ten years when in drag. The judges don’t seem too impressed as it goes on. They take questions and make jokes. Blair stumbles doing the presentation but ultimately does okay. At the end of the panel, they throw wig into the audience. Well that has to count for something.

The runway category is Hats Incredible. Kameron Michael comes out looking like a comic book girl. Monet X Change looks like a model in church on a Sunday. Eureka is head to toe in houndstooth. I’m not a houndstooth fan but she looks fine. Aquaria comes out as a rabbit in the magician’s hat. Monique Heart has what I would call a disco ball look. Asia O’Hara has a beautiful dandelion look including a huge head. Miz Cracker has an Eliza Doolittle look that impresses my daughter because it involves pink. Blair St. Clair wears a Broadway / Kentucky Derby look. The Vixen has a great floppy black and white look.

Kameron, Monet, and Eureka are the top three.

Miz Cracker, Blair, The Vixen are the bottom three.

The rest are safe.

Oh crap. Blair talks about being raped at a college party and the need to bring a positive spirit. Everyone is moved. Michelle calls The Vixen’s look to be a bit of a mishegoss.

The judges give props to Eureka for doing so well but pan Miz Cracker for doing poorly and then say that Blair got bulldozed in her performance.

Eureka was the winner (second week in a row) of the challenge.

Blair and The Vixen must lip sync to “I’m Coming Out”, one of my favorite songs of all time. I thought Blair did a more passionate performance, but I will freely admit to being biased toward her at this point. RuPaul did NOT agree and sent Blair St. Clair home.

NOT HAPPY. (I’ll get over it.)


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Episode Two – Pharmacological Musical!

I really needed a dose of what was being served tonight from a pharmaceutical perspective as I’ve apparently come down with a cold or something.

The queens first had a mini challenge to impress Andy “I say Mazel but not Tov” Cohen, who ultimately chose Asia and Vixen as the best performers — they had all gotten speed dragged up and done a country routine.

The maxi challenge involved splitting them up into two groups with team captains Asia and Vixen. They got help from none other than Alyssa Edwards, and put on a number of parody ads for pretend pharmaceutical products including ones that shall we say… stiffen you.

The guest judges tonight were Halsey and Padma Lakshmi. You may recognize Padma from the cooking program Top Chef and Halsey from the music industry.

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Vixen’s group came out judged on top and so The Vixen was the winner.

By @billboardpride Hair by @wigsandgrace

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That meant that everyone in Asia’s group was technically up for elimination, but all but two were kept as safe.

The queens that had to lip sync for their lives were Kalorie and Eureka. I wasn’t expecting Eureka to come out on top after the lackluster performance. She did, though, and then half tearfully apologized and promised to do better. Mama Ru said — don’t apologize, just be fierce!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Episode One – 10s Across the Board

Asia O’Hara says that drag queens must be versatile. Miz Cracker, who hails from Harlem (and call herself a Jewish Princess) comes in, followed by Yuhua Hamasaki. Blair St. Clair introduces herself as a broadway spectacular and out of drag looks… quite young. Next up as Monet X Change, who gives off a bit of a Bob the Drag queen attitude and is fantastic. Next up, Kameron Michaels with her gun show (strong biceps, not pistols mind you) and Mayhem Miller who elegantly comes in.

Kalorie Karbdashian and Monique Heart come out next. Monique really lives up to her name and Kalorie shakes her rump. Many introductions are made. Dusty Ray Bottoms comes out with 212 earrings — more relevant if you know that’s a New York City area code. Kids, area codes were more relevant when we all relied on telephones to do things other than text.

The Vixen is fierce and says she is here to do Earth, Wind, and Fire. Next is Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, who comes right in throwing shade and making reference to Alexis Mateo from season three. Then there’s Aquaria, who is less than modest. Cracker an Aquaria apparently have had a long rivalry.

The mini challenge goes out to walk up and down the runway and impress past queens.

The actual challenge is a throw back to the very first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and everyone has to make outfits from cheap materials. Some people do this magnificently, like Yuhua making almost everything from caution tape.

Others — Vanessa, specifically — does not do so well. Vanessa and Kalorie end up in the bottom two. They lip sync to a Christina Aguilera hit “Ain’t No Other Man.” Kalorie rocks it and Vanessa… not so much. Sashay away.

Monique Heart : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Profile

Monique Heart hails from Kansas City, Missouri. I have friends that have lived there and have not exactly had nice things to say about it, so it’s good to have a more positive perspective as it were. Monique and Pokemon go hand in hand, at least if you ask one of her fans.

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Monique is also an award winner, having won Miss Gay Kansas City in 2016.

I can't wait for tomrw to start #missGayMissouri 2016

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Lastly, here’s a video showing how she goes from ordinary to extraordinary in drag!

Next up : The Vixen

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten starts on March 22nd on VH1. All episodes will stream on Netflix (in the UK) starting the day after they air on VH1.

Monet X Change : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Profile

I can tell right away that Monet X Change is going to be one of my favorites this season. How can I say this with such confidence? How about this amazing photo, for starters?

Wakanda forever, as my seven year old son would say.

Monet is from Brooklyn and lives in the Bronx, which makes her pretty cool as far as I am concerned.

It’s entirely possible that I may have already bought this pin, because I love pins.

Lastly, perhaps to offer even more credentials — here’s a performance of Monet with Bob the Drag Queen :

Next up : Monique Heart

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten starts on March 22nd on VH1. All episodes will stream on Netflix (in the UK) starting the day after they air on VH1.

Miz Cracker : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Profile

Miz Cracker is one of the many queens this season that come from New York. That should be fun. She has written regularly for Slate since at least 2014 including a great article on LGBT activism after the Pulse shooting. (She uses the term drag activist, which should really be combined to make dragtivist — but that’s just my own preference.

Cosmopolitan featured a video on how Miz Cracker does her makeup which you can see here.

Here is a video of Miz Cracker doing a mix of Amy Winehouse numbers from last year :

She looks to be a mighty competitor! Let’s see how this goes.

Next up : Monet X Change

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten starts on March 22nd on VH1. All episodes will stream on Netflix (in the UK) starting the day after they air on VH1.

Mayhem Miller : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Profile

Mayhem Miller shares a name with an MMA fighter but has, in my opinion, a more impressive record, some of which is enumerated in this article titled “10 Drag Queens That Could Kill it on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season Eight” which is funny because, well, some either had been already or went on to be later — including Mayhem.

Here’s Mayhem performing “Killing Me Softly.” I don’t know about you, but this song always reminds me of the film “About a Boy.”

Here she is on another list of queens who should be on RPDR. A lot of people are getting their wish!

Next up : Miz Cracker

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten starts on March 22nd on VH1. All episodes will stream on Netflix (in the UK) starting the day after they air on VH1.