The Compound Effect Review

There is a genre of non-fiction books known as personal development, or sometimes known as self-help — though the two are not always necessarily the same thing. Self-help sometimes means that you are working on “fixing” something that is not quite right with you whereas a book of personal development is useful overall to help you be a better person every day.

The one book to which I keep on returning — yes, this is the kind of book that bears rereading — is The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy. You can find it on Amazon here :

The thing about the book that is so amazing is that it is so very simple — and the message is just that every action you take might seem like it has an incredibly small effect on your being but over time the actions compound. An example he gives in the book is that of three people who are identical in terms of height, weight, physical fitness, etc. One of them starts working out a few times a week and watching what he eats and one of them does basically the opposite — adds a donut here and there, starts drinking with every meal (a strong beverage, mind you), and takes measures to make as little physical effort as possible. The third does nothing.

In the days following, even a few weeks out you don’t see much change but as weeks turn into months you start to see how one of them is getting fitter and one of them is putting on weight and getting out of shape. Not because of one donut — but because of the compound effect of all of the donuts over a period of time.

Every decision we make has an impact. Think about that and take time to read The Compound Effect. It is well worth it. If you like the book, the author has a daily e-mail called Darren Daily where he sends words of inspiration as well as practical advice and steps you can put into practice to make use of that advice — the best kind of advice is the kind you can really use, after all.


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