Tricky Pickles and Picklesaurus Rex Make a Voting Plan for 2016

I came up with the voice of the character Tricky Pickles, a fellow that popped into my head by ways of the Bronx, one day while out on a walk with my wife. I started doing the voice and talking about… something I don’t quite recall. She told me I could stop. When my wife tells me that I can stop, that means that I should stop because that is what she really means.

The other day I was working on my weekly e-mail to my Patreon subscribers (I have a weekly e-mail called The Burnt Woods Review that goes out about once a week to people who make a small donation here) and the house was empty as my wife and children were at my mother’s house. I was trying to clear my mind before doing some more writing and suddenly this sketch popped in. I just let it play itself out as I recorded it — the name Tricky Pickles and Picklesaurus Rex are somewhat related, though admittedly one comes from a former coworker who would regularly use the expression “Well that’s a tricky pickle” when meaning something was complicated and Picklesaurus Rex… well, have you ever seen those odd videos of cats reacting to pickles?

Don’t do it to your cat, mind you — they hate pickles! I think they must think that the pickle is some sort of snake or other horrifying land beast that means them harm.

Without further ado, here is Tricky Pickles’ Vote Deciding Cat Picklesaurus

What’s next for Tricky Pickles? Will he appear on camera in the next video? Those are fine questions and I think that he will, so I have to come up with a look for him now that I have more or less established a voice.

I have a few other sketches brewing in my brain that I would like to film, though most of them involve other people and of course once you get other people involved, you suddenly run into the issue of scheduling and compensation, etc. We shall see how it goes.

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