Learning Sharing from Malka

I have a two year old daughter named Malka and she loves snacks. She will often say, “Dupize?” which means surprise if you are looking at the two year old to adult English dictionary.

What she means by surprise is that she wants me to take a small Star Wars mailbox that we got at Target last Valentine’s Day and put something sweet in there for her. Most of the time she directly asks for snacks (dates, an apple, cheese stick, etc.) but when I offer her one, she always asks for a second one — and she says “Chaim?” meaning she wants to give one to Chaim as well. While it’s often the case that Chaim just isn’t interested in the thing she is offering, she almost always will ask — and sometimes she will ask for one of the thing for her mother as well.

In our own lives, we should think before indulging in a treat for ourselves, perhaps there is somebody else with whom I could share this? Would it be possible for me to help somebody as well as myself? If you see, for example, Time Out New York being handed out on the street and you know that one of your coworkers enjoys reading it, why not grab a second one for said coworker?

If you have a habit of making yourself a sandwich for lunch, why not make a second if you know there is a possibility that there could be someone on your commute asking for food money. While it is entirely possible that the person will turn you down (I have had this happen to me in the past as you may well remember) I think it’s still better to have it to offer than not to have it at all.

Let us reach out beyond ourselves — instead of indulging in boredom, how can we help someone in need? You may find that through the beauty of reaching outside of yourself, you will never reach boredom in the first place!


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