Preparation and Fatigue

Have you ever been in a long meeting where you had to make a lot of decisions and at the end felt exhausted? There’s a reason for that – making decisions is tiring! It’s called decision fatigue, and it’s serious!

By the end of an average day you may be downright exhausted. I have found that planning and preparation and having some decisions already made in advance can help quite a bit!

Clothing – during the week, I wear a long sleeved collared shirt, black pants, a belt, black doc martens, and black socks that usually match (though that doesn’t always happen!) When do I pick the clothing I wear? Shortly before I go to bed. Why?

For one, it is one fewer decision to make in the morning – why add a decision so early on in the day? At night I am already tired and so a little bit more doesn’t make much of a difference — but so early on would be powerful.

Food prep – every Monday morning like clockwork I set up the vegetable cooker to make a couple of cups of quinoa. I have this quinoa for lunch with beans, avocado, and sometimes tofu when I happen upon it.

Premade decisions – I know in advance that every day after my workout, I will shower and drink chocolate vegan Shakeology, not necessarily in that order. I know that when I get to work, I’ll make a bowl of oats with chia seeds and hemp hearts. If your decisions are pre-made and planned, you can save decision energy for other matters. It’s a bit like when I had a car and would go into neutral when I headed down a big hill — and fun, too!


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