Persistent, Consistent, Discipline – Win!

This morning as I was writing in my journal (I have been journaling since about a week or so before my son was born — though before that I wrote in the same series of journals for a few years in high school and college and took a long break…)

I wrote about how I have been trying to write more — not write more journal, mind you, but write more fiction and non-fiction. This sentence came out of my mind and onto the page.

Daily discipline applied with urgency and consistency wins over occasional great effort

Think about it — it’s the lesson from the fable of the hare and the turtle who race. The hare gets a great start while the turtle is plodding along — but as soon as the hare decides to go to sleep, the turtle’s dedication and consistent forward motion gets him there.

Are you trying to get more fit? (Contact me — gordond @ gmail — I actually enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals.) Who is going to get more fit — the person who works out once a month for five hours, or the person who works out every day for twenty minutes? The once a month person will tire themselves out and any success will slowly atrophy until the next time. The twenty minute person will go from strength to strength.

I promised myself (and I don’t mind sharing this with you) that I am trying to write at least one hundred words a day — I meant fiction, really. I am working on a monthly / weekly e-mail that will have new fiction from me. If you would be interested in such a thing please send me a note — gordond @ gmail.

Daily discipline. If you want to get it done, it can’t just be whenever you feel like it. Novels don’t get written by the author sitting down only when ‘inspiration’ strikes — the chair must be occupied and words must be written.

Don’t be the thing getting in the way of your success. Start now and push forward!


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