Revenge of the Fifth – Having Children on Opposing Sides of The Force

As I noted last year, our son Chaim loves Star Wars — but in particular, he really loves the ‘bad guys’ — so even before we sat down in the theater with my father to watch the new Star Wars film, he absolutely adored Kylo Ren. By the way, the image of the pajamas in that article from last year? I randomly searched for Darth Vader Pajamas and used that image. The night that I published the article, I went home from my office and found Chaim wearing those pajamas — my wife bought them for him and had no idea I was writing about it! Anyhow — our then one and a half year old daughter Malka, who was not there (we will not take such a young child to a movie theater because that just about never ends well) had other ideas, even though she was not able to communicate them with words.

Malka loves BB-8.

In case you didn’t know who that is (Where have you been for the last year or so?), BB-8 is an important droid character in the new film, important because BB-8 is carrying a map that shows where Luke Skywalker is hiding (Spoiler, so I hid it under black – highlight it to show the text.) and in addition, is just a funny character — comic relief, really.

Interestingly, Chaim is also fond of BB-8 — but if he had a choice in the matter, he would go for Kylo Ren every time. You may be wondering, if Malka can’t yet talk, how do we know that she loves BB-8? Well, you don’t need to be able to speak to show excitement. Just about every time she sees BB-8, she gasps with excitement and smiles and makes happy sounding noises, sometimes even clapping and putting her hands together and holding them by her face with glee.

We got Chaim one of those Sphero BB-8 robots — you can get one here (disclaimer — affiliate link but also an excellent price) from Amazon. Guess who keeps chasing it around when Chaim is just trying to play with it and warn the rebels about Kylo Ren? Malka!

Malka loves everything BB-8, from the plush we finally had to get her because she kept trying to steal the Sphero to the boys shirt (their label, not mine) that we got her with a large BB-8 prominently featured. Chaim? Still a Kylo Ren fan to the end, to the extent that after Halloween was over and sales began we got him a Kylo Ren costume (sized a couple of sizes bigger so it will last him awhile longer.)

The force is strong with these kids.


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