Everyone Loves Puppets and Autobiographical Books — RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Eight

Everyone gets puppets of each other and gets twenty minutes to drag them up. They use the opportunity to tease each other, naturally. The winner of the challenge ends up being Chi Chi Devayne which is interesting because a bit of, shall we say, blackface is used if I am not mistaken.

The main challenge is split into three different stages, some autobiographical. Baby drag, mama drag, and eleganza extravaganza (Only one of those last two words are real.) In the third challenge they are to use books to make an outfit.

We get an emotional story from Bob the Drag queen about his mother being ill with a chronic illness (see last week where I state emphatically that Bob will take the crown) and a tear fell up out of our collective eyes. You?

Naomi Smalls reveals that he grew up with quite a few biological siblings as well as adopted siblings.

It is Ruvealed that both Amy and David Sedaris will be there (I love them both!) and they will be doing a challenge based on Strangers with Candy, specifically the character Jerry Blank (as played by Amy) and since Chi Chi won the mini challenge, she leads the choreography.

The Jerry Blank segment is great, and I think Bob did best.

First everyone dresses as they did when they were babies, and then they dress up as their mothers did. Derrick definitely improved the most over last week. Lastly, there is the autobiographical section where everyone is wearing books — literally! Interestingly, Derrick got the most critique from everyone in this episode. Chi Chi, on the other hand, got plenty of love.

Chi Chi is said to have shredded the runway and is safe. Kim Chi, considered the best (certainly at the biographical part) wins the challenge. Naomi Smalls is safe, leaving Bob and Derrick. OH SNAP. Am I about to be wrong about who is going to win?

Derrick says she’s going to take Bob down. As it turns out… Derrick went home. Looks like I was safe this week!


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