Bunk Beds and Political Savagery– RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Seven

The queens have to choose which among the different models that have been brought in with Andrew Christian underwear (evidently this week’s sponsor? You have to be really fit to wear that underwear by the way) and choose whether said models would be top bunk or bottom bunk. Gosh, I wonder what they could really mean? Derrick Barry wins this competition for what it’s worth — it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the main competition.

Everyone is paired and and have to pretend that they are political rivals, with the most interesting pair in my opinion being Bob the Drag Queen and Derrick. I should tell you that this last week I was thinking about it and I have decided that Bob is going to take the crown this year. I am writing this before the end of the episode, so let us see what happens! That being the case, I was impressed by Derrick’s performance in pretending to eat a baby. I never thought I would read ‘eat a baby’ in a serious context.

Kim Chi is asked if she grew up in North or South Korea. Let me tell you — you’re more likely to win the actual lottery than to meet someone from North Korea. The answer, by the way, is she was born and mostly raised in the United States but spent some time in South Korea.

The theme of the main stage is black and white. Bob puts on whiteface and explains how she was arrested in full drag for protesting near Bryant Park (one of my favorites.) Derrick Barry impressed quite a bit with her outfit. I felt Kim Chi’s outfit was nice but far too dark. Thorgy had a considerably better contrast, as did Bob. Chi Chi had an elegant gown.

The political ads are shown one by one. Kim Chi’s ad is panned the most. Thorgy Thor is panned more so for not smearing Thorgy. Funnily, Chi Chi is told she didn’t smear Thorgy enough.

Bob and Derrick won for the week. So far I am doing well. Naomi Smalls and Kim Chi are safe. This leaves Thorgy Thor and Chi Chi to be up for elimination. The song is And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. It turns out that the one who IS going is…Thorgy Thor? Seriously?


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