Tuesday Amazon 10 — Chewbacca!

This is something new, forgive me — but I love the crazy stuff you can find on Amazon and it doesn’t hurt that they have a generous referral program — so you can support this blog and I can get a few giggles making lists every week! This week — Chewbacca!

1. Chewbacca Pillow Buddy — you’ve got a friend in Chewy! Perfect for getting some sleep!

2.Pop! Chewbacca — need I say more?

3.Chewbacca Towel — for all of your going to the beach needs and long baths, I suppose?

4.Electronic mask — you can look just like Chewbacca from the neck up!

5.Chewbacca Cardboard Cutout — for those times in your life you want to hang out with a full sized Chewbacca.

6.BE Chewbacca. In Disney Infinity, that is…

7.Speak Wookie — the Book in case you want to learn how to speak the language properly.

8.Thermos! — keep your food good and insulated in style!

9.Chewbacca Guitar Strap in case you want to rock in style and look like Chewbacca while playing the guitar.

10.Of course, you’re going to get plenty of Chewbacca in Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Should I do this next week? Was this fun for you as well? Share with a friend, tag more!


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