Reading is Fundamental and the Yellow Brick Road— RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Six

There was first a mini-challenge in which each queen had to ‘read’ the others — that is to say, to thoroughly give them a verbal beat down. Bob the Drag Queen was chosen by an editor of Entertainment Weekly.

The maxi-challenge was to make a partnership between each of the queens and a member of Lifetime’s Little Women of L.A. in which they are to be made over inspired by the film The Wizard of OZ — well, perhaps the books as well?

Naomi Smalls is excited to do some designing. Robbie Turner on the other hand seems a bit, well, nervous. Bob says that he is worried about doing badly — because when someone does well, the other competitors want that person to fail more?

RuPaul announces that everyone’s going to have to do an interpretive dance in a poppy field. This makes some nervous. Bob runs out of time in preparing and suddenly has fewer than fifteen minutes to throw on her face. She does an amazing job. Naomi Smalls, who was criticized for under-dressing in previous challenges, looks fantastic. Robbie Turner comes out looking quite a queen! Thorgy Thor has a bit of an Oompa Loompa look, if I may say so. Kim Chi does the Wicked Witch look.

Next comes the dream sequence with the interpretive dance, and we are served with a montage because who doesn’t love a montage? After the dances, the judges do their reading and then the queens are asked to choose the worst of the competitors and it was a bit of a split between Chi Chi and Derrick.

Naomi Smalls was chosen as the winner of the challenge, as she should have — extra hard work this week, I think. Bob the Drag Queen though not having done great this week, was safe. Derrick, on the other hand, was put up for elimination — as was Robbie Turner. (I thought it was going to be Chi Chi, to be honest!)

Before watching the lip sync challenge, I didn’t think Derrick had a chance. The song was an Icona Pop song, and Derrick seemed to be doing more with the song so to speak. It’s not my choice who ultimately goes home, though — it’s RuPaul. In this case, RuPaul’s choice and mine matched as she stayed (with an emotional tear-filled walk back stage…) and Robbie Turner was sent home.


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