SNATCH GAME — RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Five

You know how it works, says RuPaul — impersonate a celebrity, fill in the blanks, and stake your claim as a front runner in the competition! Right off the bat, Acid Betty claims Nancy Grace. Robbie Turner says he is going to be the first editor of Vogue and mentions that the two previous Seattle contestants won Snatch Game. Bob the Drag Queen considers Carol Channing but does an amazing Whoopi Goldberg.

RuPaul reminds Chi Chi that being funny is fundamental in Snatch Game. Thorgy Thor is going for Michael Jackson.

The runway is going by the theme Night of 100 Madonnas — this episode must have had my best friend Chad in mind when it was being conceived!

Snatch games begins and everyone introduces themselves including New York Tiffany Pollard. Even before the game begins I am disappointed that Derrick has chosen to be Britney Spears because girl, that is what she does best and so that is exactly what she shouldn’t have done! I know, “do what you know!” but in this case, diversifying doesn’t hurt.

Bob the Drag Queen ducks away and comes back as Carol Channing. It seems that this was a wise choice as she is hysterical as Carol.

The winner was… Charo? A week after appearing on Ugly Betty Jane the Virgin (Sorry, still bitter that they cancelled Ugly Betty), Charo is on RuPaul’s Drag Race as perhaps the judges (RuPaul) thought that the performances lacked any excitement overall?

For some reason four different people do Nothing Really Matters and wear a kimono. (Actually, three do Nothing Really Matters), Bob the Drag Queen does Madonna from the 2013 Glad Media Awards (when she was dressed as  a ‘boy scout’) and perhaps most impressively, Acid Betty did Bed Time Stories, looking to me like a pregnant angel. Robbie Turner was Madonna’s character from A League of Their Own. I missed some, I’m tired, we were out late. (Thanks, Property Brothers, for a fun night watching you talk!)

Acid Betty got a hard time for her Nancy Grace — they weren’t impressed. Bob on the other hand got high marks for both Snatch Game characters as well as the boy scout look.

Bob won the challenge and I couldn’t have been happier. Nobody deserved it more, to be honest. Naomi and Acid Betty are up for elimination and they do Madonna’s Causing a Commotion. Acid Betty is eliminated.


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