New Wave Queens! — RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Four

Chi Chi Devayne has once again caused turmoil in her group — this time as the only person in her group who wanted to do synth style New Wave music as opposed to party New Wave. Acid Betty even pipes in with some advice. Oh, did I mention that this week’s maxi-challenge (also known as this week’s challenge since there is no other) is to form New Wave bands? Everyone is charged with grouping up, choosing one of a few genres, and writing and performing a New Wave kind of song.

Thorgy Thor spends much of the episode quite critical when she’s not being distracted by one of the other groups. It’s interesting that the two New Yorkers are in the same group. When they get helped by Lucian Piane (which sounds like Paine, not pee-ah-nay) they get directed that they must sound more cool.

Robbie Turner, Kim Chi, and Naomi Smalls are in the punk group. They actually do quite well!

Chi Chi goes on a bit of a tangent about being cash poor, and Thorgy Thor kind of whines about Bob having won the previous week.

The first performance is Street Meat, which was a little pitchy at times in my ears but overall great. Every member was, shall, we say, geometric in her own way.

Not as much as “Dragometry”, the next group which was comprised of members wearing huge shapes on their heads. Michelle Visage had the most peculiar look on her face at one point.

Lastly the Chicken Wings group came on. I wasn’t expecting to like a song that was basically Blitzkrieg Bop with self-complimentary lyrics but it was nice.

The winner of this week’s challenge was Robbie Turner, and the compliments gushed forth toward Debbie Harry. Bob the Drag Queen was apologetic over being rude to Luciane and funnily was asked by RuPaul, “How’s your head?” Chi Chi references poverty when her costume is, to quote Michelle, basic.

The two people who have to lip sync for their lives are Chi Chi and Naysha, who is outraged to be up for elimination again. They perform the Debbie Harry song Call Me and Naysha is eliminated… again!

Shout out and much love to my wife, who has been sick the last few days.


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