Supreme Court Realness and a Second Chance for Naysha in #DragEmpire– RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Episode Three

The question on everyone’s minds — after last week’s double elimination, who would be coming back this week? The answer would not come about until AFTER the mini-challenge, which involved taking the Supreme Court uniform and glamming it up. (My laptop tells me that ‘glamming’ is misspelled, I say that it is not right!)

The winner of the Supreme Court challenge was Naomi Smalls, looking gorgeous if I may say so.

Then it was time for the big reveal — that it was Naysha that had come back — hey, didn’t she just leave? Why yes, in the first episode (so two episodes ago) and she was thrilled to be back.

The acting challenge has everyone break up into two groups — team Naomi and team Naysha. I will admit that I know next to nothing about the television program Empire — though I have heard it called a modern day Dynasty — is there something to that, Empire fans?

Thorgy Thor tells a sad story about never getting to say goodbye to his mother, who died the day he came home from college after a long absence.

The runway challenge involved roller skates — roller skates, mind you, and not roller blades. I would have expected Bob the Drag Queen to be on blades considering she had a robot look going on. There were a lot of disco and country looks going on — Robbie Turner definitely was the best in my opinion as far as actual skating ability went.

“I’m a STRONG GAY WOMAN!” — that is my big takeaway from the Empire acting part of the episode. I am honestly not sure what I was watching for most of the rest of that segment. Got to be honest?

Bob the Drag Queen is crowned to be winner, while Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Robbie Turner are up for elimination and given the option to lip sync to Faith Evans in heels or wheels. Robbie chooses wheels, Cynthia chooses heels. I’m surprised both are in the bottom as I really liked Cynthia’s outfit and Robbie really skated well. The judges may have seen more (or less) to the Empire than I did. By the way, I would get DEAD DRUNK were I to take a shot every time Cynthia Lee Fontaine mentions her CUCU.

It seems, however, that I will not have to hear the word CUCU again as Cynthia was eliminated.

Next week — New Wave!


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