Thorgy Thor: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Profile

For the next couple of weeks I hope to profile most if not all of the queens who are competing on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will profile them in no particular order.

Thorgy Thor. I should really be writing this on Thursday, which gets its name from the Norse god Thor.

Thorgy Thor is the first drag queen I’ve seen on RPDR that has an IMDB page this early. Who else does?

Thorgy also has the distinction of being the first drag queen I have ever seen dressed as a Chasidic Jew.

Thorgy began her drag career in the bars and clubs of Brooklyn, where drag has always had a loyal and exuberant following. It was in the outer borough that Thorgy was able to put on live shows that were more experimental theater than run of the mill drag performance. Over the past few years, Thorgy has made the move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, where she has become an iconic presence. You can spot her from a mile away, as she arrives to her performances in her signature jelly flats and Sean John hoodie, only to reveal some of the most carefully crafted and editorial drag looks the city has ever seen.

Thor is mentioned in this article as well.

While Liza and Alan were penned into the VIP section by a wall of fans and photogs, we sipped cocktails with Thorgy Thor, Michael Musto, Lynn Yeager, Joey Arias, Robbyne Kaamil, Ice Palace GM Sal Piro and the man of the hour, Daniel Nardicio himself.

Lastly, a beautiful purple image involving of all things my childhood instrument, the violin!

Man plans, G-d laughs, right? Where are the photos I promised from Monday night? Tomorrow : Laila McQueen


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