Naysha Lopez: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Profile

For the next couple of weeks I hope to profile most if not all of the queens who are competing on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will profile them in no particular order.

I’ve changed how I title these profiles because of the way WordPress shows titles in Stats view — every single entry looked the same because it was cutting off the last few words (darn my precise titling habits!)

Naysha Lopez calls Chicago home (“The night Chicago died…” anyone?) and currently works at The Continental Pageantry System, according to her Facebook page.

Curiously, I found a listed LinkedIn profile, but I am quite sure it is an entirely different person named Naysha Lopez, rather unusual in the world of Drag.

I didn’t find much press on Naysha — but plenty of video to go around!

Here is an interview with both Naysha as well as Kim Chi, another Chicago native.

Was it easier or harder knowing each other going into the competition?

NL: I think any time you enter foreign ground, so to speak, and you find yourself with someone you know you find a level of comfort, so I would say it made it easier going into the competition knowing each other

KC: It didn’t make a difference to me on who was going to be at the competition because I’m here to represent my own individuality and showcase my work.

If all goes well, my wife will be going to a premiere party tonight hosted by Logo and tomorrow there will be photos a-plenty. Also tomorrow : Thorgy Thor! (Love that name!)


One thought on “Naysha Lopez: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight Profile

  1. It seems to me the she was featured in the lost season’s look back episode alongside Pandora Boxx, Detox, Alaska, Sahara Davenport, and Raven, but I might be wrong

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