Friday Photos 2 : The Art of the Word

I was walking up Sixty-first street with my wife and children last night when I saw something laying on the ground. I giggled a bit when I read the words on the small piece of cardboard that lay there.

In case you can’t read it, it says “Shut up and mind your own Stupid Business Zone!” It also prominently features a large smiley face. I had to pick it up. Looking on the back, I was greeted with basically the same image.

Same words. Both sides of the card seem to be signed. I almost wonder if the person who wrote these words was hoping that the card would be discovered, his or her own work of art as it were.

A bit later, I went to the train station and discovered sitting on the escalator a business card that had some writing on the back.

It’s a pretty straight forward grocery list. It starts off with muenster cheese, perhaps misspelled. It goes on to list a rather generic pasta and then canola oil and either olive or olive oil. Lastly — whole wheat muffin. Just the one, then? Presumably they mean to buy a package of six.

It brings to mind a similar card I found when walking to work — it’s a bit funny how things work. You make a list of food to buy and then dispose of the list when you are done. It no longer holds any meaning for you. But just look at this next list…

I love that it starts with the location of the supermarket.

Perhaps this is not so much a list as two things that a person needs to buy in order to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly. I am surprised, however, that bread does not make an appearance on this list. Perhaps the person who got the list needed specifics for the peanut butter and jelly but not for the bread.

Lastly, graffiti. I have seen a lot of graffiti art on priority mail labels.

Why is this? Perhaps people are bold enough to leave their tags, but not so bold as to take the time to put them down with the possibility of being caught in the act?


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