Snow Shoes and Day Long Comfort

For years I suffered during the winter on account of my snow boots. I would dread the forecast calling for snow because I knew that I was in for a few long and dreary months of wearing uncomfortable boots all day long — from the time I left the house until the time I got home from work.

One day it occurred to me that I had an exceptionally large bag that I have been carrying with me since I purchased it for the purpose of lugging home groceries in an environmentally friendly manner seven years ago — the purchase price was definitely justified ($17) as it has outlasted many considerably cheaper bags — so why couldn’t I just take a pair of comfortable work shoes with me and change into them when I got to the office?

The idea actually was inspired by seeing a woman wearing a pair of sneakers on the subway, with a pair of stilettos jutting out of her (thankfully not MK) handbag. Why wear the exquisitely fashionable yet uncomfortable shoes on the downright filthy train when the real purpose of the shoes was (presumably) to dress to impress at the office? I put a pair of my work shoes in my bag with me that day and took them with me. When I got to the office I switched into them, and when I left for the day I switched back — and left the shoes there as there is no context outside of the office in which I ever wear those shoes.

I did some math as I rode the train home that evening. I spent about forty minutes commuting to the office and the same, though sometimes more, coming back. I am usually at the office from about a quarter past eight until five. By switching shoes when I got to the office, I avoided eight hours and forty five minutes of discomfort. Considering that I only had to carry them to the office once and will only have to carry the snow boots home once this dreadful season is over, I would say that I have made off quite well.

Similarly, I now have a pair of sneakers that I keep at the synagogue where I pray in the morning. Compared to the time it takes to knock all the snow off of my boots and to wipe the floor clean of any dirty water I have tracked in, switching into a pair of sneakers like Mister Rogers did at the start of every episode just makes sense.

What are some tricks you have employed that seem counter-intuitive at first but save you a lot of time and effort? Do they involve a USB foot warmer? (Sponsored link)


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