Gordon Davidescu Writing Update for January 15, 2016

Time marches on, and we can choose to make the most of it and do what needs doing or to fill our time with busy-ness. We are often reminded of the latter when we notice how much time has gone on and how little we have done. Thanks to a Facebook feature called “On This Day” I was reminded that a year ago today, I posted this:

Has it really been six months since the last update? It has. You know what I haven’t done since then? A single chapter of the prequel to Kate that I promised to be published, twice a month, on this very blog. Remember that post?

I don’t have much time right now to al cheit because it’s nearly Shabbos but suffice it to say, you probably have noticed that in the last year I have published ZERO chapters.

I hope to post a posting schedule on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Forgive me this trespass.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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