Friday Photos 1 – The Signal Problems that Made an Adventure!

The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) has many issues, of which old equipment that breaks often is but one. Yesterday afternoon on my way to meet up with my wife and children, the train I was riding came to an abrupt halt. We were informed repeatedly that there were significant signal problems and that workers were doing their best to get them repaired. It got so bad that when we finally got to the next station stop, they advised us all to walk to another stop entirely and take the 7 train and then switch back to the F. It was the start of a little adventure!

I had no idea how to get to that train station but it was a bit comforting knowing that hundreds of people were all going to be going to that very same station and that I had that many people to lead me there. Fewer decisions make for a less tired brain.

Indeed, quite a few people were leading the way!

I laughed when I saw this sign. I have no idea what its purpose is meant to be — selling cucumbers?

This is one of the prettiest subway stations I have seen in Queens.

The entrance to the station was actually a little tucked away. From the sidewalk at a distance, you would have thought that Dunkin’ Donuts was having a sale on coffee yesterday from how it looked like people were streaming into it. They were not — they were going to the station.

As an above-ground train station (yes, dear readers — some subway tracks are in fact more like superways — above the ground!) there were two sets of stairs — the first to the 7 train going back to Manhattan, and the subsequent one going up to the train going further into Queens.

This was quite an extraordinary coat. Impressive, really.

As I left the 7 train and went to the R train, I was reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to freely take the train and experience delays.


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