Friday Photos 12 – Contrasts

I was walking home from the synagogue this morning and was thinking about how strange it was, being the twenty-fifth of December and not having a thick cap on my head, a scarf, or even a winter coat — and instead having the kind of jacket I wear during the spring. I then saw this :

I couldn’t help but think that the snowman must have been pretty disappointed to be in this kind of a weird place — but then again, I imagine people who regularly have warm Decembers (the southern hemisphere comes to mind — people in Australia must be having a good laugh about how similar our weather must appear!) still put symbols of the winter holidays in their yard even if they get no actual snow.

There are a lot of yards like this in my neighborhood — places where the leaves on trees started to fall, but then stopped abruptly when the weather warmed.

It’s almost as though the trees were dropping their leaves because that is what they would normally do, and when the warm weather came they thought perhaps it was a really abbreviated winter and decided to allow the rest of the leaves to stay on. I do realize that plastic snowmen and trees do not actually have the same kind of thought process that we do, but you know what I mean.

I have been walking past this wooden fence for at least four or five years now. It was originally two plots of land that were left unfinished and undeveloped, but then one of them had a house built on it. It was a process that took over two years from start to finish — though it still doesn’t seem as though anybody lives there.

Lastly, this strange symbol on a mailbox — on that long standing fence. It is a bit strange and I cannot decipher it, so I turn to you — the good people of the Internet, to help me interpret it. Is it a name? Is it a message? Does the message ask the person, “If you can read this, post me on Instagram?”


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