Friday Photos 11 – The Loud Quiet Trip

This weekend I am going to be at my mother’s house in New Jersey. We try to visit about once a month or so, though next month our schedules won’t align so we won’t be able to see her until February.

If a person wanted to, they could meet a new interesting person every day – especially if that person lived in New York. Between the people that live here and tourists, it’s improbable to ever get bored.

The curious thing about New Jersey Transit is that, despite how many people use it daily, there is but one tunnel connecting New Jersey and New York as far as trains are concerned. This can lead to some pretty bad delays especially if there is a breakdown on the tracks.

You’ll note the sign says front of the train although this turned out to be the back of the train. This is because the MTA also uses these same platforms for Long Island Railroad trains.

When possible, I like to sit in the first or last cars because in theory, they are the quiet cars – no loud conversations are allowed, people are asked to turn down their music, and mobile phone calls should not be made. Again, in theory. The last time I took a quiet car, people in the train acted as enforcer of the rules and silenced anyone who dared to defy them.

I gave up trying to peacefully read after the third person got on her mobile and started loudly chatting about her plans to efficiently make a gasoline substitute using only slugs and cigarette butts… kidding. It was of course a completely useless conversation concerning the self, a private moment that should not have been made public – especially not on the quiet car!

That last photo, by the way, is a person conducting business — business! on the quiet car. As I write this I have relocated on the train to what I had hoped would be a quieter spot… but another phone call has begun…


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