Why I only buy Bed Bath and Beyond Umbrellas

Ever since I found out about Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s exceptional return policy – a coworker returned a broken toaster years after she bought it for full store credit – it is my go to place for important household purchases – and umbrellas.

  Why umbrellas? Well in New York there is what I think of as an exceptional example of supply and demand. When it starts to rain at all, small vendors pop up out of the woodwork to sell umbrellas. Whether five, ten, or fifteen dollars, nearly all the umbrellas sold break in a strong wind storm — see the photo.
Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers a variety of umbrellas ranging from cheap to hurricane proof (I’m just guessing on that!) and of course, there’s almost always a 20% or $5 coupon in a newspaper or mailing to be found. Coupled with the return policy, you can get a nearly unbreakable umbrella that can be exchanged for a brand new one should it fail.

If you need an umbrella, get one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!


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