It is the fourth day of November and I have written absolutely nothing for the National Novel Writing Month contest. It could be partially because I am not sure what I want to write. It could also be partially because I have a friend who regularly mocks those that attempt to participate, though not personally and just as a group — because so much is written for NaNoWriMo that is just bad.

Guess what? The real reason that I haven’t written a word for it (and the reason that I have been so lousy about writing regularly here) is this – I haven’t taken the time to start. Every day is an opportunity to start writing the Nanowrimo novel (novella really) and every day that I choose to prioritize everything else over it is a squandered day.

October was for me by far the worst month of writing for this blog. Only one article written? Is that a joke? No! I chose to make other things a priority daily.

The key is to just start! In the second month of the Insanity Max 30 workout series, trainer Shaun T regularly says during the workouts that just showing up and pressing play is the important thing. At one point he says that even if you push play and do a sit up, at least you started!

Just start! Make a plot first. Make an outline. Since you’ve made it this far let me tell you what I have in mind. It will be a fantasy story (think: swords and sorcery, quaint villages, never ending quests to save a princess…) about a quaint village where the village nut / prophet starts going on about how destruction will fall on them and how there is nothing they can do. Is he a nutter or can he actually see the future?

Just start. Writing a short story is better than watching more reality television, anyhow — even if it ends up needing a few dozen revisions!


5 thoughts on “Just START.

  1. I think your friend is missing the point of NaNoWriMo. The point being, to start, to be bad, to let go of the internal editor, to free yourself from the fear and just write.

    Your novel sounds fantastic! I hope, one day, to read it.

    • Hi Hannah! How did you find my blog? I’m so glad that you did. My friend is a general pessimist, I think. He also does a lot of work editing other people’s writing, so that might contribute to it. I look forward to finishing the book now that I know that I will have someone to read it! 🙂

      • Your blog was the first one that popped up in my reader under the NaNoWriMo tag.

        Yes, I can see where editing other writings could contribute to that pessimism. I, too, have an editor’s soul. I find editing significantly more pleasing than the actual writing.

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