The Loaned Allen Wrench and How Persistence Pays!

We recently had to lower Malka’s bed. When a baby can pull themselves out of the crib, it’s time. My wife said she would do it while I occupied the kids (manual labor is difficult while juggling two under five) and set off only to return minutes later – the Allen wrench we had loaned to a friend had not been returned.

At first there was panic – we needed to lower the bed and places that would have such wrenches were not open. I went to the kitchen and looked through the tool box until I found something that roughly fit the metal nuts. There was one problem, though – I could barely turn it at all due to the awkwardness of the tool. 
I went back to the kitchen and rifled through the tool box again and found a monkey wrench, which seemed completely unrelated to what I was using at the time. I decided to try to turn the first tool with the  wrench. It was also a bit awkward but ended up working!

The lesson here is that just because you don’t have what you need to do a job doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

We ended up finding the Allen wrench in a drawer. It had been misplaced. Oops?


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