Eyesore to Gorgeous – Friday Photos 8

Across the street from 1300 York Ave., the Weill Cornell Medical College main buildling (which takes up an entire city block!), there is a new building being erected. I had watched as the previous building was slowly torn down and then the progress of the new one going up.

It’s a bit of an eyesore at the moment, to say the least! So many harsh cold lines and ugly metal that makes up the bones of the building. It may not look great from here but the building can’t stand strong without it!

I am also fascinated by the cranes used to construct this building. A few weeks ago the crane was significantly smaller and as the floors of the building go up they actually build the crane upward, lifting it each time a new floor is made. I have seen the enormous metal frames that are used to make it happen. Picture a crane made of interlocking building blocks. If you want to make the crane taller, you pop off the top and add more blocks underneath where the crane goes. I imagine that is what they do, more or less.

There are many people involved with the construction of a building and they need to tightly coordinate to make it happen in a timely manner. So too it is with many things in life — from the television programs we watch to the beautifully choreographed ballet on stage, and the violins softly singing to them.

When all is said and done you have a beautiful building like this one, the Greenberg center at 1305 York Avenue. I really appreciate that they didn’t just go with a flat glass front and made it like a gorgeous glass sculpture. I also enjoy the building to its left, with its perfectly uniform placement of the air conditioners.

Lastly we have the dubiously named Helmsley Medical Tower. You can have a building named after you even if you have a criminal record, as long as you donate enough money. This is a beautiful building with one of the fastest elevators — I have gone to the twentieth floor faster than it takes my home apartment elevator to get to the sixth.

It often seems that when we are in the middle of a long project — or even just starting out — there is so much dirt and grime all around us and we wonder if it is ever going to happen. Is it worth it? It is important to have the ultimate goal in mind to help propel us toward it, be it good fitness (of course, an ongoing life goal that we must continue daily) or a lovely glass building.


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