Lessons from a Soap Bottle — Self-Discipline!

It has been six months since the last installment of Lessons from a Soap Bottle so this entry is a bit ironic in a way but it also happens to be one year since the very first one, which was the introduction.

“self-discipline the key to love” is what it says on the bottle but let’s get right to it — self-discipline is the key to being successful.

Self-discipline is what distinguishes a person who exercises daily and eats well from a person who does no exercise and eats out of control and finds everything to blame for poor health but the lack of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is what it takes to get articles written. I could have had 52 of these done in the last year had I made the effort and took the self-discipline to make sure one was written every single Thursday. All the apologies in the world to you won’t make the articles appear.

Self-discipline is what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from those people who have great ideas and allow them to fester and die in the bedroom or to slide down the shower drain.

Some people will argue that they haven’t the time to become self-disciplined but I would response that they haven’t the time to stay undisciplined. Think of all of the hours that a person spends crushing candy and how much more they could be doing to help themselves and those around them instead. While true that the candy crushing company is more than happy to see you squander those hundreds of hours on their game (with the hope that you will spend money to crush more efficiently, I imagine) I assure you that the candy does not need to be crushed.

Self-discipline. Make a to-do list. If you don’t know how to make a proper daily to-do list, sign up for Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push program and learn how to do it.

When you are in a store and pass right by the calorie filled empty nutrition crisps, you are exercising your self-discipline!

Push forward!


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