A Brief Thought — A Loose Watch Could Become a Stolen Watch!

I want you to take a look at something I saw while on the train this morning.

It’s a perfectly ordinary day and we are all on our way to wherever we are going. A gentleman is on the train with us telling us how we need to be saved but I am listening to the Fiery Furnace album Blueberry Boat, perhaps ironically.

Have you seen it yet? I allude to it in the title of this article.

There it is. There must be a gap of at least an inch if the wristwatch on this person’s wrist were to be gently tugged. In this photograph it is in an ideal space — with an umbrella near it, a hand holding a phone — mostly attentive.

Just think about this same person at work — they pass by hundreds of people on any given day. It only takes a couple of people to do a simple watch robbery. Perhaps one of them bumps into her and as she is thrown off guard, the other quickly slips the watch off of her wrist — it looks like it could easily come off without her noticing.

Do NOT wear watches this loosely! If you have a metal band like this one, it is far better to have it adjusted at a jeweler than to lose it to a thief in a flash.


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