Another Street View — Friday Photos 7

No matter where you live, there are stories just lurking around every corner waiting to be told. I remarked to my son the other day when we were sitting on the train — do you realize that every person sitting in this train with us has a life? They have friends, and they might or might not have a job, and they have so many stories that only they know — and we will never know any of them because we don’t know who they are. Here are some more things that I have seen while on the streets of New York.

While in the process of looking into what is involved with adopting a cat, I saw this vehicle parked on the street. I don’t know why but the sleek curves of modern cars bother me. I love the way this looks and it makes me think of my classmates Brian DiFeo and Napper Tandy — Napper makes amazing looking belts, by the way that are most DEFINITELY made in the US (You should buy one of his belts and wear it and point to it when a Negative Nancy / Ned tells you that ‘EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA ANYMORE’) as they have posted fantastic pictures of vehicles like this one.

I imagine that some truck owners would not want their trucks covered in art. Well — to those people, it is more of a nuisance and a form of destruction and vandalism rather than art. I would point out to those fine individuals (who are perfectly right to want their own property left as is) the possibility that a graffiti covered truck might end up on Instagram these days and end up promoting the company name inadvertently… I saw this one outside of Birch coffee.

This morning as I was walking to the office I saw this gentleman sitting on the grate with his arm reached out. He was speaking to everyone and nobody at the same time. He seemed perhaps angry or confused. I have seen him on a number of occasions and certainly falls under the category of people I would love to help but am a little afraid might be hostile under the surface layer of a person just trying to get by. He often eats raisins, I noticed.

Lastly, do you remember this gentleman? He hasn’t gone anywhere tho his clothing seems to have taken a turn for the lighter. It breaks my heart to see him sleeping there every morning. One of my coworkers said that often she tries to reach out and help people and they loudly shun her. Some people just want to do their own thing, even if that means eating the food that people leave on the rim of a garbage can.


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