AT&T Changed The Meaning Of Unlimited

How is this still going on?

If you don’t understand what you’re seeing here, let me go back to 2009 when my wife and I both bought iPhones. We both signed contracts for unlimited text and data. Unlimited — meaning that we could use as much as we wanted in a month.

Only as the years passed and apps were developed that consumed more bandwidth — YouTube, anyone? — the wireless provider suddenly realized that it was very easy for someone to use up many gigabytes of data in a month if no cap was put on it — and so they did away with their unlimited plan. Anyone who had an unlimited plan could continue to use it — and so we did.

Then the throttling began — without warning, AT&T started slowing down the speed of people who went over five gigabytes in one month. They would send text messages (So called free alerts — I get unlimited text so why tell me that the text won’t cost me anything when you should know as my provider that I can get as many of those as I want…) telling me that I was close to five and I should slow down.

Why? When you tell someone they have access to unlimited data, you should NOT attempt to slow them down just because they are actually making use of their plan. The company was sued by the FCC and has been asked to pay a fine of one hundred million dollars for deceptive marketing — unlimited means unlimited, and a throttled service is not giving people unlimited data.

As you can see from the message I received just today, they are still at it! Oh the wording is quite clever and technical but it all still means the same thing — you are paying for unlimited data but you are NOT going to get it if it’s the last thing we do!

Unacceptable, AT&T!


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