The Sticky Note Prose

I was walking up York Avenue when a sentence seemed to write itself in my mind. “How perfectly prosaic!” It was particularly odd because I was having a hard time shortly after the sentence appeared fully formed remembering exactly what the word prosaic meant. It also seemed to be an odd sentence — in what context would this sentence make sense? I made a stop at an office where I regularly deliver paperwork from my office and asked for an index card. They had none, and so a large sticky note had to do — I started writing and finished nicely at the bottom.

In case you are not able to read my poor handwriting, here is what is written:

How perfectly prosaic!
so said the manatee
What made this all unusual
we were up in a tree

I probably should ask
before we start to tumble
“Is that an earthquake,1
or does your tummy rumble?”

That was it. I was so thrilled that I had gotten out the full thought that I took the note upstairs and gave it to a work colleague. By the time you read this it might be sitting in a recycling bin or (worse) the side of a trash can bag — but it definitely was a fun moment.

What’s more, ‘How perfectly prosaic!’ is the kind of fleeting thought that would have surely stayed in the easily accessible area of my brain only for a short while… perhaps a few minutes, perhaps more… but surely not indefinitely. With the number of things I do and plan to do on any given day, it is the kind of thought that indubitably would have washed away with the tide had I not taken action and written it and then done something with it.

What’s even more (this is the last one, I promise!) is the fact that this entire entry — this article today is based on the sentence. Not only did I get a short piece of prose written in a nearly poetic way, I got to write about the process as well. To me this is a great way to start the week!

1The sentence is clearly deficient but I didn’t notice until the full note was written. It should read ‘Is that an earthquake that I hear,’


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