Push Forward!

Do you know what happens to a shark when it stops moving forward? The shark, the mighty killer animal that frightens people away from beaches and terrorizes others when found in Sharknado form, dies. (To clarify — only certain kinds of shark will drown — but yes, they will absolutely die!)

On Friday afternoon last week when I realized that there was no possible way I could finish the short story I was working on for Friday Fiction, did I quit? I did not — I put a pin in it, so to speak, wrote ‘to be continued’ and then finished the story on Monday.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I haven’t published an article today. Do I give up and say it’s not worth it? No, I write this instead and tell you — push forward!

You wake up late in the day and have no agenda — do you waste the entire day endlessly scrolling through the lives of other people? No! Make a list of what needs doing to move you forward in life and then start doing it — push forward!

Oh! You haven’t worked out yet today? Find a way to make it happen and push forward. Calling or texting all your friends to tell them how some day you’re going to work out isn’t what is going to get you fit — working out is how you do it — push forward!

What are you going to do to push forward your goals today?

Have you heard of Chalene Johnson and her Push 30 challenge? If not, I highly recommend it. If you have no idea how to set priorities for yourself and make a serious and important to-do list to get you through every day (and push you forward!) then do sign up — it is entirely free.


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