A Brief Thought — Your Body Is Not a Garbage Can!

Last night, Malka didn’t finish her dinner — so I did! The same thing happened the night beforehand. Was I done eating? You bet!

This needs to stop. I feel badly about wasting food and so I eat it. I regularly tell people who want to get fit that they need to know how much they are eating — abs are made in the kitchen! My Tony Horton magnet tells me so.

Your body is NOT a trash can! What may be good for avoiding waste could be putting inches on your waist — especially if you and your children don’t eat the same kinds of foods!

When you see the food sitting on the plate and hear the refusal to eat any more, you cannot think about what a tragedy it would be if you ‘had’ to throw it out and therefore throw it right into your mouth.

Here is an exercise you can attempt the next time you are confronted with the possibility of throwing out leftovers, do this instead of immediately eating it — put it into a container and consider it a meal for the next day or a snack if it is sufficiently small. The next day, come snack or meal time, look back at that container with the food and ask yourself — do I still want this?


2 thoughts on “A Brief Thought — Your Body Is Not a Garbage Can!

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