The Insanity Max 30 Review

I am nearing the end of the tenth week of Insanity Max 30, the workout from genius trainer Shaun T, and I am here to tell you that as far as workouts go this is one of the absolute best. Each workout offered during the ten weeks is brilliant, and I have never had a morning when I was not looking forward to working out — particularly Friday!

Insanity Max 30 is a two month long program during which you do workouts each day of the business week. The workouts are all perfectly timed at half an hour which works well with the science of maximizing your workouts at that length of time. (You can see quite a few half hour workouts on BeachBody On Demand, the new streaming service that is like Netflix for workouts!) Each workout also comes with a two or three minute cooldown. One of my favorite features of the series is that should you choose to do the modified form of the workout, there is a separate video selection you can make and it splits the screen 75-25 with the right side of the display being focused always on the modifier. This is a HUGE improvement over previous workouts with modifiers (I’m looking at you, Focus T-25 — still love you!) where the camera would sometimes train off of the modifier just as there was an entirely new move in play and people following her NEEDED to see her!

The way that the two months work is as follows — each day (Monday through Friday) builds on the work of the previous day. Friday is the day toward which all is being built as in both months and is called Friday Fight I and II respectively, depending on what month you are doing. During the course of each workout there are a few 30 second water breaks but on the calendar you get with the workout you are encouraged to, if necessary, stop entirely for a short rest to catch your breath — this is referred to as Maxing Out.

The first time you max out during a workout you mark it down on the calendar or somewhere else until you can mark it down. The goal of going through these sixty days (in addition to getting fit of course) is to increase your max out times for the workouts. I did not understand this during the first month but it was explained much better during the second month workouts — you can max out as many times as you need during the workouts. In fact, Shaun T says at one point that if you only push play on the DVD and then do one rep the entire time, at least you showed up and pushed play. I strive to get through the entire workout, though I will admit that I do have to max out on a few occasions.

But — and this is an important but — I have noticed that I max out far less often now than I did at the beginning of the first week. When I am finished with this week I have plans — plans for the next few months in the form of Shaun T’s workout that is coming out this week called ‘Cize, also known as “the end of exercise” — it is going to be a dance focused workout routine that should be doable by people who cannot dance at all. By that I am referring to myself as I am quite bad at dancing as my wife and son will attest.


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