The DisHonesty of a Diaper Company

What is honesty? Is it the act of communicating that which is truthful, to the best of our ability, at all times? If we only imply something is true when it is in fact not true, are we being honest or dishonest? I would imply the latter — and for this reason the baby-oriented company called The Honest Diaper Company fails in a major way.

My wife and I were looking to get a few more cloth diapers for our daughter Malka, and so as any person might, we started with Google. Seems straight forward, yes? This was pretty much what we got as a result:

Our first reaction was — oh look, the Honest Company now does cloth diapers. How interesting! And so we clicked on the link and scrolled and browsed and scrolled some more… only to find that they had exactly zero cloth diapers to their name, nor any mention of the words cloth and diaper together — not even in the context of it being a future offering.

So here I can just imagine a tired and frustrated parent — sleepless nights making rational thought nearly impossible, and looking for cloth diapers. The person sees the same link that I saw and clicks on it and browses around but gets frustrated at not finding what they want. “OH, WHATEVER!” they holler at the screen and at anyone who might be in the radius of a block surrounding them. They buy whatever diapers they can on the site — not because they actually want disposable diapers (which will still sit in a landfill for decade after decade regardless of how wonderfully chlorine free they are) but because they were tired and just. wanted. to. end. it.

There is no honesty in a company that tricks people into coming to their site through manipulation. If you sell cloth diapers, advertise that you sell cloth diapers. If you do not sell cloth diapers, however, your company should NOT come up as any kind of result when a person is searching for that.

I hope the company’s advertising representative sees some sense and turns off these dreadful ads. It is quite dishonest and overall reprehensible.


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