RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Finale Part Two

If you don’t know who won this season, stop reading now and go and watch the season finale — and then come back, of course.

OK is everyone caught up? Now I know that either you know that Violet Chachki won Season Seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race and is America’s Drag Superstar — or you chose to keep reading after that warning, and now you know. The picture above was the opening act of the live showing of the season finale.

So Bianca del Rio came out — last year’s winner — and was quite funny. At one point she made a joke about the producer being Jewish and there must have been some grumbling in the audience and she said, “Oh, it’s not like there are any Jews in the audience” and then made a joke about the Jewish people’s reluctance to pay the cover charge. As a Jew in the audience (wearing a yarmulke, even) this was my reaction.

About half a dozen people in my vicinity said “Awwwe” and patted me on the back. One person yelled out that there was in fact at least one Jew in the audience and pointed to me. It was a special moment for the Jewish people, I tell you.

So the live show consisted of two parts — the simulcast screening of the Logo TV presentation of the season finale, and then the crowning of America’s Drag Superstar. Here is a photo from when that happened.

My wife was less than pleased with the outcome. Actually when RuPaul announced the winner, she initially said “Katya…” and the whole audience around me cheered. Clearly Katya for many would have been the preferred winner. Alas, RuPaul was just asking for a glass of water.

Here is Violet accepting her check.

The rest of the night had a lot of singing and dancing. Here are some of the better photographs I took that night.


“I think I was number one!” she may be thinking.

Lastly, Violet performed an awesome aerial dance which happened basically right above me.

Quite a few photographs of Violet were taken professionally, naturally. Here is one of them. You can actually see me in the audience.

And that is all for RuPaul’s Drag Race for 2015, I suppose!


2 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Finale Part Two

  1. You rock! Thanks on behalf of everyone who wanted to be there but couldn’t. #TeamViolet

    I thought Ru was going to say Ginger Minj but I’m happy for Violet. I see her face- even plain -and I see “artiste”

    • You’re very welcome. At a certain point a little over a month ago I got the feeling Violet would win – kept on being safe, etc. You are absolutely right re: artiste. That Betty video is genius.

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