Stairs – Friday Photos 5

There are a lot of houses with pathways leading to them that have sets of stairs in Kew Gardens.

They are in various states of wellness, depending of course on the homeowner and how often he or she prefers to do maintenance on them. I find it interesting that someone would spend millions on a home and then leave the path to their home looking shabby.

These stairs, for example. Did the person really think “more is more” when it came to getting in the replacement bricks, mortar-wise?

These stairs are gorgeous, surrounded by a lovely sea of green. I imagine going up to this house must feel a bit like you’re wading.

This is another view of the same stairs. Notice the harps on the railing. Really nice touch, I think.

These rails have a similar effect. I’m not sure if they thought that the repair work on these stairs would be noticeable. At least I noticed it…

Detail. Hearts!

I somehow imagine that every time the people that live here walk past the plant, they swear to themselves that this is going to be the weekend they trim or entirely remove it.

This has been a remodel work in progress for a few weeks. Interesting look. The railing by the house… not so pleasing, in my opinion. It goes with a general Bukharian look to much of the house.

Speaking of Bukharian… these stairs are the only aspect to the house that look that way.

I noticed that no houses along my walk with stairs had any accessibility for wheelchairs.

Stairs on the left lead to… what?

Lastly, a set of stairs that I have never ever seen be accessible to anybody, ever. So what purpose do they serve?


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