RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven Episode Eleven — Hello, Kitty!

I want to open by writing here that I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the live finale of this season and will get to see the winner crowned in person! My wife is going to be out of the state and so it seemed fitting to take the opportunity to attend this amazing event. My heart is still set on Violet Chachki, who has done spectacularly this season — as it was pointed out to her in this episode, she has never lip synced for her life this whole time. There were crickets after this was mentioned — like, do you want her to fail? Well, every queen for herself, I suppose.

The mini-challenge this week was to take prefabricated puppets of the contestants, randomly drawn, and to drag them up and use them to show how well the person could be teased in puppet form, basically. Everyone seemed to go for putting their puppets in some of the sillier Main Stage outfits.

The main challenge came in two parts. Firstly, the remaining Queens needed to make an outfit based on the world of Hello Kitty. Secondly, they needed to make a character (with the help of a large Hello Kitty looking head) that would likely be a friend of Hello Kitty. Mind you — it was thought that Sanrio did announce awhile back that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat but it turned out they were misunderstood — Hello Kitty is not a proper cat like the kind you see on the street but is closer to Goofy or Mickey — an anthropomorphization of a cat.

The part where everyone dressed up like Hello Kitty’s friend was quite odd to see. This whole episode was bizarre, to be honest, and I am a fan of Hello Kitty since 1997 at least if not beforehand.

That being the case, there was one real stand-out when it came to the Main Stage performance and that was Violet Chachki.

Need I write more? Violet deserved the win. It was a very difficult “Lip Sync for your Life” as I liked both Katya and Kennedy. I honestly preferred Katya’s performance, but on RuPaul’s Drag Race as in life you just can’t win them all.


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