May the Fourth Be With You! — When Your Son’s Favorites are “Bad Guys”

Picture this — it’s bed time, and we are getting our son ready for bed. He has just taken a bath. “What pajamas do you want to wear?” one of us will ask him. (Side note — I wish I had a wide variety of pajamas from which to choose as he does!) Invariably the answer will always be the same.

“Darth Vader!”

Mind you, he only has a couple of sets of Darth Vader pajamas, which is two more than I had at his age but that goes beyond the point of this article. For whatever reason, Chaim’s favorite characters in the Star Wars trilogy (he has not yet seen the second trilogy and we are not sure when will be the right time for him to see them… but we are for sure seeing Episode VII in December right on time for his fifth birthday…) are all the bad guys. He will grudgingly wear Yoda pajamas and Luke and Han Solo, but he would much rather wear Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or some Imperial Stormtroopers.

Can you guess what his favorite Star Wars film is of the three? If you guessed Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, you would be correct. It is his favorite because Darth Vader has so much screen time. When we took him to Walt Disney World, what was his favorite part of the whole trip? It was getting on stage and fighting Darth Vader.

For awhile every day when I would come home he would want to play out the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke gets his hand cut off by Darth Vader. “I’m going to be Darth Vader, and you’re going to be Luke Skywalker, and I’m going to cut off your hand!” he would say just about every night as I walked in the door after a long day at the office.

Yet despite all this, I am not sitting in fear of his going to the Dark side, so to speak, in real life. When he isn’t watching a Star Wars related film or show, his favorite things include looking at books and television programs like Daniel Tiger. He gladly sings about sharing and cleaning and being nice to your friends and caring about people.


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