Signs of Spring — Friday Photos 4

It feels a bit odd writing this now as it is cold enough outside to warrant a hat and winter coat — but rest assured, spring is indeed here. As I like to look around me while walking from place to place, I saw some of the lovely signs of spring.

This lovely orange peel was sitting in an unusual place. It reminded me of some of the fantastic orange peel sculptures that my brother has made on occasion. They not only look nice, they smell great — well, for awhile. If you take an orange peel in your hand and pinch it the right way, oils are released and it makes for quite a pleasant smell.

A little after I saw the orange, I noticed that half of this looked very healthy and green, whereas the other part looked sickly and dying. It got me a bit curious as to how this was even possible. This was not the only plant that I have seen like this — where there are a few plants of the same species in close proximity, and some are thriving while others are struggling to survive.

Have you ever seen a tree frame? Well, just as photographs and paintings often are framed for an effect, trees are framed as well — only that I imagine that the framing in this case has nothing to do with how good it makes the tree look. I would imagine here it is a measure to try to prevent dogs from using the tree like a giant fire hydrant. I’m not an expert on the chemical composition of dog urine, but based on signs that I usually see asking dog owners to please curb their dogs, I will guess that it is not good for trees and plants for some reason.

This is one of two images that really stuck out to me as I was walking. During the winter these trees were entirely bare but as spring sprung forward, the white petals bloomed from the branches like the smallest of fireworks waiting to be enjoyed quietly.

Walking under these trees when they form a sort of canopy above you is a divine experience and I am glad that for now I live in a city that (despite lacking large areas of untouched nature as it were) has little bits of beauty like these trees. Here’s to hoping the weather gets better soon!


2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring — Friday Photos 4

  1. These are nice observations. I would have said about the tree frame: There is something about nature people want to contain but the peeing thing is def. a reality! I think it telling the way there is a crack in that frame, the tree perhaps getting the final word. Nice picture. And nice pictures. Your documented tour is nicely provocative.

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