RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven Episode Seven — Katya Leans on Fame — Snatch Game!

If there is one episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race to which every fan looks forward every season, I believe it is undoubtedly the Snatch Game episode. Why? Because it’s Snatch Game!

It is noteworthy that both Violet Chachki and Miss Fame chose to be Donatella Versace and it is Violet that backs down — wisely, as her impression of Alyssa Edwards is so good that Alyssa Edwards compliments it.

Miss Fame, on the other hand, does a rather ho-hum job of being Donatella Versace. For a good reference of a funny way to portray Versace, see any portrayal by Maya Rudolph.

Miss Fame does provide one of the more tender moments of the episode when Katya reaches out to her for support — both are former drug addicts and Katya is struggling. Katya ended up being a hersterical Suze Orman, incidentally.

On the runway, I have to say that the standout winner in my opinion was Violet Chachki. This look is amazing.

In the end it was Kennedy who won for the week which was justifiable as she did an amazing Little Richard and it was Max that was eliminated.

RuPaul surprised everyone by saying that someone had left too soon and would be back next week. Hopefully Trixie


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