RuPaul’s Drag Race — Buck Up, Pearl! Lo Kasha!

In life we are sometimes slapped hard across the face and told that we are doing a sub-par job. There are many ways to respond to this. One way is to mope and whine and hope that things get better. A better approach, I have found, is to buck up and to do what it takes to overcome the challenge.

Something like this happened to me a number of years ago when I was trying to get a job as a software support person at a small medical billing software company. I went in for an unpaid audit day — I took calls and answered them to the best of my ability with help from the people working nearby. I was told that I did an okay job but if I wanted to work there, I needed to be assertive on the phone. I was invited back the next day for a second unpaid audit day.

I went home and cried, and then did a Google search for “sounding assertive” and when I went back the following day, I did what half a dozen of the sites suggested and got the job.

In this week’s episode, RuPaul confronts Pearl — she was in the bottom two last week, if you recall. RuPaul tells her that she needs to step up her game or she will surely face elimination. Pearl tells RuPaul that she is “done” with the judges after the trials last week and RuPaul does not take kindly to this. RuPaul tells her that she needs to show more personality.

This week’s main challenge involves running an awards ceremony — The DESPY awards. Everyone is paired and Kathy Griffin is brought in to help people with their joke writing. After the confrontation with RuPaul, Pearl actually leaves the workshop area for awhile but when she comes back it is clear she is fierce and ready to go!

It pays off in the end because Pearl and Max win this week’s challenge.

When you are shot down and told you need to shape up, do you do so? Or do you just mope and whine about how hard everything is for you? Only one response will get you anywhere in this life.

(The joke in the title, by the way, is that lo kasha in Talmudic lingo means, basically, there is no difficulty in what seems to be a problem (but really isn’t) and it could also mean No Kasha, since she was eliminated.)


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