RuPaul Reminds Us to Stop Making Excuses!

Another excellent episode of Drag Race this week, with more cattiness and whine coming at the top of the episode. The episode also featured one of the queens saying something that made me actually shake my head.

Pearl. Seriously. Did you really drop this out loud and in front of a camera to be recorded for posterity?

I don’t know what Macbeth is, honestly. Call me young, call me, like, illiterate. Whatever

When I was in high school I took an entire semester of Shakespeare and Macbeth was one of the plays we studied. Shakespeare has a large part of the history of drag as the female characters in his plays were played by men in drag. I think it behooves you as a drag queen to know something about the history of drag (RuPaul might call it the herstory.)

The speed competition was hysterical though I thought that the wrong queen was chosen winner — I liked Violet’s portrayal of a Golden Girl. Someone is working on making adorable crocheted Golden Girl figurines that will be for sale on Etsy… they looked fantastic and I wish I could crochet!

I was a bit concerned for Jaidynn during the actual challenge which was to put on a Shakespearean performance. She entirely forgot her lines during rehearsal and had a kind of crying breakdown that reminded me of tears that flowed for all the wrong reasons… but fortunately, during the actual performance she rocked it! It was quite impressive.

This was unlike Jasmine this week who performed poorly all around and then on the main stage couldn’t even properly keep on a beard. (A fun challenge, incidentally… and there’s an interesting history of drag queens with beards, but that’s another story for another day!) When Jasmine tried explaining that she was just a struggler when it came to gluing things to her face, RuPaul just about lost it and snapped that she didn’t want to hear any excuses!

What is interesting is that Jasmine and Kennedy were up for elimination and though it seemed to me that Jasmine did a better job lip synching for her life, she still got eliminated at the end of the performance. It just was too little, too late.

No excuses! Just get it done.

Having written that, I noticed this tweet and am immensely disappointed in humanity.

Really, people? Death threats over a television show? There are winners and losers every week in competition shows. Jasmine is going to keep pushing forward, and that is awesome.


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