To Think It was Hoth Eight Days Ago — Friday Photos 3

As I walked my son to school this morning I thought back to the brutal reality that was this last winter, with the cuts that it inflicted on my hands as well as the multiple layers of clothing that I had to wear to protect myself from it.

All of these photographs were taken on the fifth of March, which was Purim. I usually think of Purim as taking place in the spring time — and here we were, with seven inches of snow that accumulated over the course of the day. Nothing compared to February 2003 among other snow storms, but it was certainly surprising for early March in Kew Gardens.

All of the plants look as though they are ready to buckle from the weight of the snow.

The snow covered the roofs like a thick blanket, or a pillow fortress.

Staring down the long roads, it seemed as though all of the cars were statues — or perhaps people that were caught unaware and frozen solid, as if suddenly hit with a paralyzing spell.

The trash almost looked a bit sad, as though it didn’t know what to do with all of the snow that was filling it.

This tree in particular looked as though it was suffocating.

Whereas this tree looks like it is striving and reaching forth for the unknown.

I overcame the temptation to shake the snow loose.

It only looks nice in pictures, I think. I am glad I don’t have to trudge through it every day anymore.


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