Violet Chachki Bites The Hand That Feeds Her

My wife and I don’t usually watch RuPaul’s Drag Race until Tuesday night, thanks to the kooky television schedule that we keep and of course the fact that we put taking care of our children as a higher priority than anything else that is to be done in the home. That being the case, I was rather surprised when my best friend Chad tagged me on Tuesday afternoon with something stating that Violet Chachki had angrily stated on Monday’s episode, “I hate Michelle Visage.” To say the least my immediate reaction was disbelief — was it some kind of joke?

In fact, it was not. It all came out within minutes of the start of the episode, which we watched last night. Violet was condragulated on her win in the previous episode, and her response was of course humble gratitude. No, that is what it should have been. Rather, her sole response was “I hate Michelle Visage.” Was this some kind of attempt to get attention? Based on the hundreds of tweets in response as well as the fact that the bulk of this article is about the subject, I would say that if so it was quite successful. That most likely being the case, I have to say that it is quite disappointing — after the excellent performance last week to just go and be rude about one of the judges on the show. Why? Because they made a remark that could be construed as being hurtful? How so? The sole job of the judge is to take apart a performance and to assert what went right as well as what went wrong. I hope that she has no intention on hating every judge that slights her this season.

The episode itself featured the queens doing a promotion for Glamazonian Airways, and doing a song and dance number for it. The winner of the episode was surprisingly and impressively Ginger Minj, who downplayed her own ability to perform — modest?

The elimination round was down to Katya and Sasha Belle and they had to lip-synch to an Olivia Newton John classic, which was great because she was a guest judge. It became immediately apparent who was going to be eliminated after Katya emphatically stated that she was “trying to pound my vagina into the stage so hard that the building shakes.” Indeed — and the jumping split she did put the nail in Sasha’s performance coffin.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Let the judges do their job without complaining about it. You never know when your own words will come back to haunt you.


3 thoughts on “Violet Chachki Bites The Hand That Feeds Her

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