RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven Episode One — What’s Your Age? A Study in Nude

I have been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race more or less from the beginning. The new season has only just started and I am already shocked at a decision that was made vis-a-vis elimination as I really enjoyed Tempeste DuJour and I was certainly not expecting her to be eliminated on the very first episode.

Interestingly, one of the first thoughts that I had during the episode was also related to Tempeste and it was because she was asked her age. I remember my parents teaching me to never ask someone their name as it is a rude things to do.

Tempest also has a rather heartwarming story about how she used to weigh considerably more and then in the course of a few years got fit — for the sake of her husband and her children. Now, they did not explicitly actually say how Tempest got fit so let’s just assume that it was by drinking a daily Shakeology and using a program like Focus T-25! Hee hee.

Unfortunately, it seems that the fact that Tempest used to be a bit heavier may have ended up working against her as she seemed to exude a certain shyness and almost what one could consider an attempt to hide ones self during the part of the competition where everyone had to fashion off clothing that would then tear away and reveal a completely artificially nude figure underneath. I am actually surprised that the queen who was not even close to being naked under her dress was not eliminated and that Tempest was eliminated instead.

At the end of the day, punnily named Violet Chachki won the competition and the episode with a magnificent outfit that was able to completely reverse. I was happy to see that the judges recognized Violet’s talents but I think she was just a bit smug as she said that she could easily imagine hearing that she was the winner for the week on a more regular basis. The first episode is hardly the time to get smug about your chances of winning in the long run. We wouldn’t want to have to shed any crocodile tears, would we?


One thought on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven Episode One — What’s Your Age? A Study in Nude

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